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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Man

I don't want to jinx, geenx, jeanx (im covering all my bases since I have no idea how to spell the word that means you don't want to speak too soon in order to screw something up) but I am sitting here...on my couch, while little man sleeps. The past 4 nights he has been crazy man from about 7ish to 10ish. We have switched formulas, changed up some feeding routines and today bottles and so far so good. I have also read everything there is to know about sleeping, babies and colic.

I stayed at home today with both Ribbit and Izzy.....and yes, I still have all of my hair and I can honestly say that I would do it again tomorrow. There was a 10 minute spout of both kids crying, mommy holding them both (don't ask wasn't CPS approved) and a large pit stain developing on my shirt. This ended and we were soon on our way to pick up big brother from school. No, I didn't get a shower today but I did brush my teeth and I actually wore earrings for the first time in about week. I loved sitting on the floor with Ribbit showing her how our play dough stars and flowers had different amounts of points. I also loved that during their nap I GOT THINGS DONE...things that I would never get done normally. I'm not sure if I could ever stay home full time but it got me excited about this summer!!!

I am not the only one excited about summer, Goober is counting down. He cried the whole way to school this morning, all through car line and apparently into the day. His teacher texted me that he wanted his mom and that she consoled him by letting him draw me a picture on a card to give to me at the end of the day. This happens after every large, spring break, summer so I knew it was coming. The great thing is that I no longer question whether he is talking about me or his birth mother. One time his teacher asked him which mom he missed (early after his homecoming) and he said "the blue eyed one with long hair"...THATS ME, THATS ME!!!!  We got in a good book reading tonight and lots of I love yous during dinner....oh, and a countdown til summer helped too!!!

Other big news is that my sweet sweet sweet husband not only came home early today (thus helping me keep kids calm during an awful storm) but he also cancelled his yearly trip to Israel.....WOOOPPPEEE. I have never wanted to be the wife that kept her husband from doing his thing so I was thrilled that he cancelled it because he wanted to stay at home and be a dad. Did you know that on average most dads spend 12 minutes a day with their kiddos? Not Adam, the minute he got home tonight he was in the floor with Ribbit playing "pway dough" and helping Goober finish up his spelling words.

He also got some quality time with Izzy....bwa hah ha h ah ahahah ha. He went to pick him up for his 7 o'clock bottle and he pretty much squeezed poop out of him. Like, chunky "excuse me, do you have any grey poupon" poop. It was disgusting and I'm not sure who gagged more, me or Goober. It was all over Adam, Izzy and eventually myself. That little man went straight in the sink....Goober went straight into "run over, gag, run away...repeat" mode....Ribbit climbed in our clothes hamper and said "Mommy, I got in der" about 40 times while posing in different model poses. It was hilarious.. that stuff smells like a garbage and death milkshake and who knows how long little man had been sitting in it...oh, how life has once again drastically changed.

Pushing Mr. "L Phant" for a evening stroll.
 What a good man!
 Little man slept like this through a game of pick up basketball amongst the family.
 Goober and Lolly playing with beyblade....this toy annoys me....only because its all Goober wants to do at the moment and all he can talk about....I guess I should be glad that he isn't enamored with Barbie.

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