Monday, February 27, 2012

the big 29

Yup, its official, I am the wife of a very old man....geesh, what a cradle robber :). At least that is what I have convinced Goober of.
Let me just stop and say that this is definitely a birthday that Adam will easily forget...we didn't do anything special because only 2 of the 4 of us were healthy.
Ribbit and I went to the doctor on Friday, after a week of hacking, snotting, wheezing, eye oozing (get the picture?). She has bronchitis. The doctor gave her antibiotics and gave us a new breathing treatment for her to do every 4 hours. Poor thing. She slept with us every night last week, I was afraid that if she didn't, she would choke on the stuff she was coughing up. Therefore, it was no surprise when mommy got sick as well. I have a sinus and ear infection...yay, more antiobiotics and claritin. JOY.
So, to give a quick overview of Adam's special day....6:30, Adam takes the kids to go buy his own doughnut filled birthday meal. From 7:30-11:00 Adam takes the kids to Goob's basketball game, from 11:00-12:30 Adam makes the kids oh so special tuna fish sandwiches, from 12:30-4 Adam takes Goober with him to play frisbee golf(i think the addiction has been passed on to our 7 year old now) and from 4-8 Adam takes care of the children and makes us leftover soup and biscuits for dinner. Real quick synopsis of my day...sleep on the couch, use the bathroom, eat, sleep on the couch, bathroom, get the picture. I feel like a lousy wife but he was very sweet.
We did end up giving him presents yesterday, carhart overalls from my parents (for Israel) that he loved, sesame street undies from Goober (that he picked out himself :) and socks, ties and more undies from the girls. We are trying to help him develop his professional wardrobe :).

Today after church however we did let Dad pick where to eat, Mexican--at Anejos. Then the girls went and got Dad a strawberry cheesecake and Carmel Pecan ice cream (his two favorites) and we surprised him after dinner with candles and singing. We ate fresh green beans, potatoes and salad for dinner so we could splurge on dessert afterwards. Adam did say that he feels much better at 29 then he did at 28 and that he attributes that to our diet...YAY!!!

Speaking of diet, here are some tricks we have learned.
 To make a healthier syrup for waffles/pancakes use imitation honey (not the real stuff, too much sugar) and mix in some liquid stevia, it taste great on cinnamon love it!
Substitute coconut milk in for regular milk into biscuits, give them a sweet taste but keeps flaky texture. Take a can of coconut milk, pour it in a tupperware and then put clean wrap over it and put in fridge overnight. The next day it should be thicker, put some unsweetened cocoa powder in it and whip and you have CHOCOLATE ICING!!!!!!! You can't use the light coconut milk, so you do get about 2 grams of sugar...but its dairy free and low sugar!!
Finally, here is an AWESOME hummus recipe. I took a tupperware full to work and everyone loved it!! Roast a red pepper (i put mine in oven for 10 minutes on broil and flipped it twice. Throw in food processor (thanks mom!), add juice from 1/2 lemon, can of garbanzo beans, one garlic clove, salt and pepper. Blend and slowly add in vegetable oil until its a good texture. ITS PRETTY AWESOME!

Kiddo news-Goob brought home a 94 on his spelling test and a 90 on his dictation for last week. Mom did a huge happy dance (think vanilla ice moves) and he got super embarrassed....I didn't know why he was acting weird but then figured out that he didn't think a 94 and a 90 were A's....poor guy, thought he was only a good speller if he made 100s.
Goober has started to tap his forehead if he wants a kiss from mom..he surprised me and did it at school the other day before I left from eating lunch....he better be glad I didnt tackle him after that :).
Goober got a spy watch with the money he has been saving up and it has little parts on it. The other day in church he dropped a small piece and was on the floor, under the pews and crawling up towards the front in no time, several people would look down and see a smiling, toothless caramel face waving at them from under the pew...he got it and came back quick...but his clothes looked like he had cleaned the floors:)
While giving Ribbit her breathing treatments she likes to listen to her Dora CD player...she can't move that much with the mask on her face so instead she puts her booty up in the air and shakes it :).
Today at the store as she and I were walking away from the yogurt section another couple walked up. She yelled at them to "stop buying all de yogurt" and then just smiled as big as she could.
I took her into the bathroom with me the other week at Goober's football game and while I used the bathroom I was scratching my nose and she yelled at me " Mommy, don't pick yur nose". The lady in the stall next to us cracked up. 

Pictures:  On Monday nights Adam doesn't get home til 9:30. So its mommy-time. If Ribbit has to go #2 I normally just let her do her thing and she calls me when she is done. I was helping Goober with spelling in the dining room and heard " MOMMY, COME SEE" and ran in. I guess I overlooked her taking this hat in with her but she had it on and was just a grinning..
 I snuck back with the camera a couple minutes later and saw this....bwa haha ha ha haha hah...maybe she was cold? Sorry for the potty pictures but they are priceless :)
 Wake up my lovies!!! Happy Valentines Day breakfast, with heart shaped eggs and toast, cards and new summer flip flops!!!  Can you tell that we are morning people around here?
 Look at those sweet "just crawled out of bed" faces.
 Happy Birthday Dad!!!
(on a side note the kitchen is all white now, we are prepping walls for paint, re-painting cabinets and waiting for countertops to come in...that's why there is not a stitch of colors in these photos)
 They both were having a hard time posing for another picture with cake sitting right in front of them
 Helping dad blow out ALL OF THOSE candles
 Yup, count em, 29!!! First year that we had to buy 2 packs of candles ......  geesh

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