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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Video and Picture Dump

Once again I apologize for the loudness of my voice. This was a great catch for Goober's team. They won this game by 1 point!!!! This weekend we have a football game at 8:20 (that would be a.m.) and a basketball game at 10...he is going to be wore out!!!!

 Goob was dressed for class picture day and I just had to get his picture..doesn't he look handsome? Little sister had to be in the picture too..can you tell that Daddy dressed her that morning? he he
 Camping out in the backyard with our best friend Armani.
Do you see that cute little foot popping out from underneath the covers? That is what we saw before church one morning.....please don't look at the amount of dust underneath our bed....i'm beyond grossed out...guess I will add dusting to my list for tomorrow!

We all get a 4 day weekend this week, except Goober he gets 3. Mom got the day off since our boys basketball, boys and girls soccer are all going to state and their games were today (friday) . So since several students and many teachers were already going to miss they cancelled today for upper school...YAY! I spent the whole day with Ribbit, we went and bought both kids a pair of jeans, worked on mom's art pieces for competition, went grocery shopping and went to eat lunch with Goober at school. I had to get them jeans, in the past two weeks they have both outgrown all of their pants...I mean its a little ridiculous for Goob, he had a free dress day at school and we went through a whole drawer of pants (that just fit last month) in order to find a pair that didn't hit at the calf. Ribbit, even though she is 30 months, she fits into 24 month pants like a glove, a little long. 2T's though swallow her up. Who came up with those sizes, don't I have enough parenting things to be confused about? :)

I have been feeling 100% better since getting a second opinion, in fact she told me on Tuesday that my old doctor was apparently making things out to be the worse case scenario and through blood tests she ruled that I dont' have anything that the old doctor said I have. Soooo, i stopped taking all prescribed meds and supplements and guess what? I feel GOOD!!! I won't say what she thinks is really going on, its a little too personal but its something that every women goes through, I just happen to be an overachiever :). I am so thankful to have my health back, I was feeling like a horrible mom and wife and thinking that I would never feel normal again. We are going to stick to a low-no sugar diet as best as we can. I will be sticking to low dairy (basically just eating yogurt and small amounts of cheese) because I just feel better when I don't hoard the milk (besides Ribbit goes through a gallon a week all by herself). My kids are getting used to having lots of veggies for dinner, homemade soups and kettle corn (no sugar!!) for dessert. We switched to organic (which I get for super cheap with coupons) snacks and oatmeal/granola bars for Goob's lunches and snacks.
Funny story though- I hadn't had coffee, milk, soda, cheese, candy, chocolate, hardly any sugar for a month right?....well my doctor called me Tuesday afternoon, VALENTINES day to tell me that the diet wasn't going to help my situation (basically because I didn't have a situation) about 10 minutes later one of my sweet sweet 7th grade boys ( who I think is sweet on me :) brought me a large heart shaped box of peanuts covered in caramel and chocolate....guess what happened next? And no, I didn't feel guilty at all!!!!

In my women's bible study group we memorize a verse a week and here is this weeks' verse....I LOVE IT, it speaks to God's power and his grip on us!!!

John 10:28-I give them eternal life and they will never perish, NO ONE SHALL SNATCH THEM OUT OF MY HAND!!!!

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