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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rainy Saturday

It has rained all day long...which would mean that its a good day for movies and napping...but not in this house :).
Goober had an early football game -in which he made 2 of the 3 touchdowns, rushing through all the boys from the other team! Then we went straight to his basketball game in which we think he won, we weren't paying enough attention. Plus, Ribbit decided to dart away from us as much as possible. Regardless he was pretty tired. We ate at a chinese restaurant....yup we gorged.
Then we went to Home Depot and came home to start work! The kids watched a movie and played in the playroom while dad and I took all the doors and drawers (52 in all) out of the kitchen and started painting.
Tomorrow we have church in the morning and then tomorrow night we have a dinner with the pastors to ask any questions and talk to them before we join the church...pretty neat huh?
Ribbit has started to say to us " what's next" after we are done with a certain activity or a lot in the time in the middle of one. She also has started saying "thanks" in a very sarcastic tone after we do something for her, good thing she is super cute!
Goober is such a sweet little thing. He came home from school on Friday with gifts. He traded in all of his tickets (that he earns by reading and from good behavior) and got a fairy wand for Ribbit and a football ring for dad. He apologized for not having enough to get me something....sweet boy, didn't get himself one single thing! He has also become my little sugar nazi, going up and down the aisle we are in at the grocery store reading sugar amounts and also asking how much sugar food has at the dinner table :).

Did you know that abundawonderful is a word?  Well here is all the proof you need! Yup, that same pile of laundry has been sitting there for a solid week more day won't hurt it.

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