Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Sweet Valentines

I couldn't ask for three sweeter Valentines.  Goober made me lots of Lego valentine presents this weekend which let me know he loves me. Ribbit took out 3 kids in sunday school who tried to touch her mommy and daddy at church, so we know she loves us too :) 
I've got Valentine's breakfast ready to go in the morning, heart shaped eggs and toast on red plates with red cups. We got them each a pair of flip flops and a card. Not much, but just something to show them we love them and to start looking forward to warmer weather :).
Speaking of Love, God has really been loving on me lately. Adam and I have struggled since we left TN to make deep, family like relationships with others. Our family is so far away and for the last 2 years we felt very much on our own here in Texas. This past Sunday, a girl from our new sunday school class got together with me to catch me up on a bible study she leads so that I can start joining them this Wednesday night. She poured into me for about 2 hours and told me how she and her husband were prompted to invest in Adam and I for however long we are here. It's a very sacrificial move for them, they have two sons, the oldest is autistic and their life looks very different than ours. I also was asked to go to a cooking class tomorrow night with another girl from our sunday school class. Yes, its on Valentine's Day but she thought we would have fun together and learn how to make something special for our hubbies. I also went to a new doctor today and she was very quick to let me know that she was going to figure out what is going on and that I shouldn't worry about it. Adam tells me this a lot but something about hearing a doctor say it eased my nerves.
Adam and I celebrated Valentines Day early. I surprised him Friday by lining up a sitter for 4 hours. We went to eat at a Thai restaurant, went shopping (where we got the kids valentine presents, him a new bathing suit and myself a summer dress- can you tell we are ready for the river this summer?) and then we watched a movie, alone at home together. It was quite nice.
Goober is going on a field trip tomorrow to see Charlotte's Web, I can't go but I am meeting him for lunch....he was actually pretty bummed that neither I nor dad could go with him this time, but that made me feel good, you know that he still wants me around.
So besides all that, same ole same ole, horrible, awful spelling words and sentences-that he is doing quite well this week, a potty trained 2 year old who wakes us up every morning saying " i go poop, i get jellybeans" and who sticks her finger as far up my ear as possible and says " i get your boogers" (it was nighttime, she couldn't see my face), Adam reminding himself that he can get through this semester with hard work and with devoting his every waking moment to school--even though he drops everything to make paper airplanes with Goob, ahhhh, the good life :).

Here are some pictures and videos from our past week.

Here is some potty time...we like to sing and be silly....she knows she gets her mommy to herself then..none of this sharing stuff :)

Our "1 year" anniversary picture. I love this picture for many reasons but some of them are A) we hadn't had this kinda sweet in a while (milkshake) and so we were all not feeling to well that night :) B) We look tired, not put together, cold (with milkshakes) and HAPPY and C)I had to crop out the pile of laundry on the couch and the pile of junk on the coffee table...1 year later and we are a very real family :)
I'll have to upload other videos and photos on another post..this new wordpress setting will only one of each on each post...BUMMER!

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