Friday, February 10, 2012

Surrounded by Talent

I haven't been blogging much these days..if you didn't know it I am earning my PhD...NOT. I feel like it though, I spend lots of time online every night researching my current symptoms. I don't usually talk about my health but its become a constant issue lately, keeping me from work, putting a lot more of the home and kiddo responsibilities on I am seeing a new doctor on Monday (yay) and I am researching my little heart out...since frankly, if I dont, who will?
So, blogging has become a not so important priority as of lately.
But, that doesn't mean that I can't take in the talent that is all around me and love it! Check out these moves by the one and only Goober----who improves in one area of basketball 100% at each game. At Saturday's game he got 3 baskets....we were so stinkin proud. Fortunately we got his first one on video, between a sick momma, whiny ribbit and always hungry friend ( who was spending the night) we feel quite lucky to have anything at all :).
I am also super impressed with my Mixed Media's class most recent project. Its competition season which means all of my students are trying to create their best work in hopes of going to District and then on to State. I have about 14 students as of right now that are entering pieces at District Level and 5 more who are entering on-site drawing competitions...YAY!!!
So this is my Auburn kid, and even if he weren't an Auburn fan I would still love him to death, look at that talent..I mean he used pictures of a pork chop to create his cheeks. He used pictures of wood flooring to capture the shadows under his face that fall on his neck. I am beyond excited to see how well this piece will do!
This young lady is very driven and very talented...she chose purple (one of my rules for this project was that it had to be monochromatic) and purple is a very hard color to work with...she also chose a non-conventional upclose of her face from above..its beautiful though!
 She had to use lots of adds since there aren't too many purple items inside of magazines.
 Even though this one doesn't physically resemble him to a tee, I think it totally captures his essence. He is from South Africa and is very goal-oriented, loves fashion, has the greatest one-liners and stops by my room every morning to tell me good morning!
 I'm in love with this portrait. Its her to a tee, personality, resemblance, everything. No, she is not dull but reserved and very serious about her academics, athletics and artwork.
 I love this kid, she went with me to district and then on to state last year for another self portrait she did using only her fingerprints. She's real easy to get along with and super smart!
I had more pictures of my students work but I somehow deleted them between school and more for another posting!

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