Wednesday, May 25, 2011

too bad we spent our whole day off cleaning

As I said in yesterday's post we have a very LARGE state of Texas inspection coming up tomorrow. We have been getting ready for this for about one week now-thats all the notice they give. We were chosen out of our district to be inspected and to see if we meet all of the minimum standards for the state-which some of them are different than what are adoption agency expects. They sent us a 216 page manual to get ready and let's just say that after today we better have covered everything!!!
We had to buy carbon monoxide detectors (no biggie, we need those anyways), a bigger better fire screen for the fireplace, more outlet covers, a diaper changing area --shh don't tell but we change Bre on a towel in her floor and then wash it after a stinky....its just easier), a more complete first aid kit, gate locks for the backyard....thats it I think.
But we spent the day taking care of the following:
1-clean the house from floor to ceiling- you know the kind of cleaning you do when your in-laws are coming, well that times 10
2-clean out and up the garage and get rid of anything that may hurt Bre which meant securing lots of things to walls
3-clean out the backyard of anything that could hurt Bre or Eli and cut the grass
4-3 Loads of dishes ( we were about a day behind anyways)
5-3 loads of laundry---good thing I washed everyone's bed sheets this past weekend
6-securing anything in the house that Bre could grab
7-Practicing our fire drill with the kids and posting our escape route in a visible area
8-Making sure that all of our food had not expired in the fridge and stocking our pantry and fridge with healthy food-which we do already
9-Making sure that all of our meds weren't expired- I am ashamed to admit this but we had 6 bottles of expired vitamins and cold medicine--one of which expired in 05 EWWWWW!!!!
10-Locking all meds up behind two locks
11-Bleaching both tubs, making sure that the kids toothbrushes aren't stored where they touch, making sure that there is a hand towel available-we got in trouble for not having that on our agency inspection
12-Getting all of our paperwork together-including cats shot records, past inspection records, ft.worth fire inspections, certificate of taking and passing medication classes, background check records, CPR/First Aid certification cards

That's all I can think of but we also had to go to WalMart, Home Depot and the seminary today.
At the seminary we got free groceries, let the kids play basketball and run around a little bit and visited with friends. We also all took a 1-2 hour nap during Bre's naptime since we were all up and running by 6:30....yup, no sleeping in here-we were fed, bathed, dressed and at WalMart at 8 this morning!!!!!

I think we will all sleep well tonight.....I have in-service tomorrow and Eli is going to the after school care that they offer teacher for $5 a day--he is excited because some of his friends are going and they get to play on the sport court and apparently eat 17 snacks a day!!

I'll leave you with these two videos of Bre singing her ABB's :)

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