Saturday, May 14, 2011

Really Mom?

So this morning when I was helping get Eli dressed, I said " Eli, make sure you put on your shorts, shirt and socks. I looked over and he was putting on his shorts without underwear first. I said " Eli, underwear too". He goes, " Underwear?, really mom" the most teenagery voice I have ever heard!!! I said " yes, teenage Eli, really!!!"

The tooth fairy came last night ( well actually this morning in a panic) for Eli. She left him the book "Jamberry", a note thanking him for his tooth and a whopping $1.00. He was stoked!!!!

Tonight, Eli and Dad are at Rangers baseball game. They got great seats through my school and they are staying for the fireworks game afterwards. I don't expect them home until midnight. Bre and I stayed home, took some things back to Target and just spent some girl time alone.

Tomorrow, Adam and I are going on our first real date since we became parents. We are going to a comedy show on marriage at our church. They are offering free childcare and allowing us to drop them off early so we can go out to eat before the show. I am so excited to get dressed up for Adam and to have him to myself for a while.

Here are three videos of the kids....just hanging out. We are really so incredibly blessed!!!

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