Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our little athlete

Adam is constantly telling Eli that he has a natural God given ability to do well at physical activities, especially sports. He loves tennis, football, baseball, volleyball and rock climbing. The one thing he does say is that soccerball is for girls....and yes he says soccerball.

So here is a conversation between Eli and dad while throwing the football.

Adam: Sorry bud I'm used to throwing a bigger, heavier football. ( as he tries really hard to throw Eli's soft nerf one)
Eli: Well, we can get you a bigger football.
Adam: Well then I wouldn't be able to throw it with you because you are too small right now.
Eli: Yeah, I am glad we don't have a heavier football, it would probably rip my arm off.

Another one while they were practicing their putting in the garage.

Eli: I really wish we had a smaller club. Can we go tomorrow to get me one?
Adam: Well, maybe one day we can get you some smaller ones
Eli: When I grow older and when I have a kid I'm going to take him and I'm going to get him a small club that fits him.
Adam: Okay, you can do that.

Here is a video of Eli playing basketball on the Wii.....we think it won't be too long before he throws his whole body into the TV :)

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