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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


We had the best time at Goober's birthday dinner last night. He chose Johnny Carinos...which yet again  proves he is my son. Why? Well he knew that on Monday nights they have their 1/2 price family platters and he also knew he could call the shots on what we got there. ITS SUCH A GOOD DEAL!!! We had soup/salad/bread/italian nachos/ chicken parm with spaghetti and tiramisu for $26!!!! ANNNNDDDDD....we brought home a pound of leftover food I kid you not!!!!!  The dessert was free since it was Goobers birthday (another reason I know God handpicked him for us, we share this HUGE LOVE of Tiramisu) but feeding 5 people for under $30 and bringing home so much is such a killer deal!

I chose to have their bread, house salad and split the nachos with everyone instead of eating the chicken looked delicious but would have sent my calories soaring...and I still left completely stuffed!

Now onto the topic of conversation for the night. Adam and I have been praying through some big decisions for our family...whether or not to adopt again. If I am being honest I must admit that I was hoping their birthmother would have one more baby....thats being super selfish though since it also means she would give up one more baby. We want her to have a wonderful life and we want her to know the love of God....just in my mind taking more of my kiddos blood siblings seemed like the only way our family would grow. However, Baby Boy is 3.5 and we haven't heard from our adoption agency in over a year.

We are not 100% sure that another adoption is what the Lord wants for us but we are seeking Him to see if that is our next move and if so how, when, from where, etc. So we asked the kids "what do you think about us adding another child to the family". Here is a summary of that conversation.

Goober-"just not a white baby".
Mom/Dad-"why not white?"
Ribbit-"because it won't look like our family"
Mom/Dad-laughing "but we are white"
Goober-"yall are more peachy/red...we should get a black or chinese baby so it will look like us"
Mom/Dad-"what if mom got pregnant?"
Goober-"would yall love that baby more?"
Mom/Dad-"NO NO NO, are you kidding? We CHOSE YOU!! We FOUGHT FOR YOU!!!"
Goober-HUGE GRIN "oh I didn't know that"
Ribbit-"i just want a sister"....."a half white, half black sister"..."she can look like me".

Needless to say we went on to talk about how bringing in another kiddo would rock our world for a while and might throw us out of whack but that God calls us to love, whether its easy or not. We also said that they would have a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY to this new sibling, to treat them like family, BLOOD FAMILY...especially after Adam and I are dead and gone. They didn't understand the weight of that statement, and the won't for a while. But, Adam and I are more concerned that as they grow up they will want to know more of their biological past, who can blame them?...and if we introduced a child into our family who doesn't have those same ties they may feel very segregated from our family and after we die they may not feel like a part of our family.

For me, its the whole "what if" game....and I know in the end its not up to me to make my children's lives perfect. Its not up to me to try to figure out how everything will end up and how I can avoid disaster. Its just my responsibility to love my children, show them the love of God, point them to Christ, show them that God is our only hope in this ugly, scary, rotten, sinful world and pray that they will cling to Him and His truth.

I'll wrap up with sharing some more pictures from our vacay. We loved the fact that we got to spend so much time with family, but it also made leaving that much harder.

My sweet, loving, always FUN Aunt Robin came and stayed with us on the beach. She cooked dinner and breakfast for us and my kids gobbled it up. They said "its like a fancy restaurant"!! We loved having her and catching up!

About the same time my Uncle Paul and cousin Mason came to hang out too. We ate at the Grille with them, flew kites, swam and caught up on life. WE LOVE YOU BOTH!

Cuddling with Aunt Robin while the grown ups chatted.

Back on the beach being made into mermaids or as Baby Boy said "MerMans or MerBoys". They loved this!

This beautiful little girl is such a joy to my heart. She loves hard, plays hard and grieves hard...lots of tears when we leave family, friends or even when mommy leaves for workouts :(.

Kids turn at making Mom and Dad into mermaids. A lady was watching us and ran over to take pictures saying "this is too sweet a memory to miss!"

We loved our week at the beach!!!!

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