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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fitness Friday-keeping my routine while traveling

I have to admit that the one thing I was worried about not packing for our 2 week road trip was my scale. I knew that I could find all sorts of ways to exercise. I knew that I would track my calories daily on Myfitnesspal on my phone. BUT, the scale is what lets me know if my technology and efforts are keeping me on track. After saying all that I have learned that nothing is as reliable though as my own eyes/wardrobe. The scale can be off by water weight, certain times of the month, high sodium diet, etc. The myfitnesspal can be off if I eat things that aren't part of the database (eating out a lot, casseroles, etc). My efforts on a hot beach sure do feel like a lot, even though I can do the same workout at home and sweat 1/2 as much ;)...but my eyes and my wardrobe normally don't lie :).

So with all of that said. I stepped on the scale the morning after we got home from our 2 weeks and it hadn't budged one ounce. THIS IS HUGE. I gained a solid 4 to 5 lbs after our 4 day Disney cruise 2 years ago!! I gained 3 to 4 lbs on our Disney vacation last year right before I started my health journey. My HUBBY gained a solid 5 lbs on this trip...but then again he is trying to gain muscle and he ate and drank like a beast..poor guy doesn't get all summer to vacation and he took full advantage of it.

I went into these 2 weeks knowing that I would keep my healthy eating up but only 80% of the time. I was going to enjoy my brothers rehearsal dinner and his wedding but I was not going to leave either one super bloated and I was going to stop eating when I was full. I also knew that I would probably drink more alcohol than normal but that I would stop at one per day. Total I had two meals that I would normally never eat and guess what they both were?...FRIED OYSTERS with a side of hushpuppies and coleslaw..GOOD OLE BEACH FOOD...all of my other seafood I ordered steamed or broiled!!!!  I probably had 5 glasses of red wine over the two weeks, but I don't think I finished one of them and then I tried a buschwhacker out of pure curiosity...ICK.

I worked out everyday as well, anyway I could, except our last day of traveling. We literally slept in our clothes that we drove up to Nannie and Papas in, not wanting to unpack yet again. Then we drove the rest of the day and got home at midnight. I will give myself a pass for that day :).

If I could offer any tips for sticking to a routine while traveling it is this.


I knew that I would have access to a gym on certain days but just in case I took my yoga mat and handweights and ended up using them 3 days on our condo balcony...I could have lifted all day with that beach view!!!. I also took my own snacks and cereals knowing that some days I may not have any healthy options. When I had access to my parents gym, I USED IT!!! I even got to use a row machine for two days as they just added them to the gym. When I had access to the hotel fitness room, I USED IT...sure all they had was a treadmill but I ran that thing to death and did bodyweight moves beside it to get in a good circuit! When I had the beach I RAN/WALKED and lifted weights on it. When I had a long stretch of road I RAN IT (something I never do here since the traffic is wicked). And the day I had kids who wanted to go to the splash pad we went there and while they rode with my dad there and back in his car...I RAN TO IT AND BACK to my parents house while Goober skateboarded beside me.

I saw 2 or  3 of these guys on my beach run. Let me tell you, a 3 mile run is SOOO much different than a 3 mile road run..DANG, that was rough!!..BUT BEAUTIFUL

Early morning run on the main road to the beach, hardly any traffic but tons of runners. See those clouds? Yup, I GOT DUMPED ON!!!

This is from my hour long beach walk...I walked almost 3 miles, which sounds slow but not in sand, I was booking it...and the next day my hips were super sore and my feet were swollen (the fried oysters might also be to blame)

Rowing. I would row hard for 5 minutes, then do a circuit of 3 weighted exercises. Total I would get in about 25 minutes of rowing and about 20 minutes of free weights. I checked my HR after each 5 min rowing section and it was always soaring...170/180.

My last workout with my brother as a single dude. This was the morning of his rehearsal dinner. You can see I had on my gloves so that I could do another rowing/free weight circuit. Chris and my hubby lifted and chatted the whole time. I love those two!

Another beach run on a beautiful morning. It was fun to outrun the waves and see all of the other runners who like to get out super early!

This is from another beach walk where I swear I saw a water spout starting. Adam has the same picture from our condo balcony!

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