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I saw this on Facebook and thought it may be fun to do along with some more pictures from our beach vacation!

A- Age: 30, at least until July 17 :)
B- Biggest Fear: Not getting the most out of our summer :), My kids breaking anything/ falling off anything, anything involving injury to them :).
 C- Current Time: 3:37 PM
D- Drink you last had: Unsweetened Mango Tea from Panera, Water after my workout
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: my brother Chris, my friend Leianne, my mom, my hubby of course
F- Favorite Song: Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli, I love to hear the kids sing along to " God's not Dead" and " Soul on Fire"
G- Grossest Memory: Ear Cleanse at Urgent Care, All of Baby Boy's explosive diarrhea incidents
H- Homestate: Alabama, but born in Florida
I- In love with : I'm thinking I should answer Adam right? :)...but I am also currently loving dark chocolate covered raisins, any song by Darius Rucker, Tank tops, flip flops, my nutri bullet!
J- Jealous Of: Stay at home moms, Summer always make me whiny and I constantly declare my love for getting to be at home, on my own schedule, carting my kiddos around and playing
K- Killer at what? I make a pretty good Yogurt Parfait and Rice Krispy Treats according my kiddos. My husband likes my smoothies and most of my dinners.
L- Longest Relationship: 8 years of marriage with Adam coming up, around 9.5 years together total
M- Middle Name: Marie
N- Number of Children: 3, but I want more!!!!
O- One Wish: To take kids on long term mission trip to a truly needy area of the world
P- Person who you last called: My Nana to wish her a Happy 29th :) Birthday!!!
Q- Question you're always asked: Are they twins? What color is their daddy? How do you manage that curly hair?
R- Reason to smile: Knowing my hope is only in the Lord, Watching my kids eat Popsicles on the trampoline, cuddling with my husband, long walks on the beach with my mom, knowing my brother married the girl of his dreams, seeing my Dad pass on his love of motorcycles to my kiddos
S- Song you last sang: I kid you not " Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase, Hakuna Matata, ain't no passing craze" we drove home from the park
T- Time you woke up: 5:45
U- Unique about you: My name, my disgust of Ketchup, my love of running stairs!
V- Vacation Destination: the Beach....not the lake, not the river, not the pool....THE BEACH
W- Worst Habit: picking my lip, right Daddy? He has been trying to get me to break this habit for years but alas I am too stubborn
X- Xtra t-bits about your family: We love tzatiki sauce, matzah, carrots, asparagus and cracking open peanuts at the ballpark. We tend to only utilize 5 feet of our home at any given time...its like we are playing sardines at all times. We sing our prayers, even in public :).
Y- Your favorite food: Dark chocolate, watermelon, matzah, tuna, oranges, cherries, any salad, kettlecorn
Z- Zodiac Sign...Cancer, but no clue what that means :).

Our fun night at the Hangout!!! We got there around 5 and stayed most of the night after dinner. The kids loved playing in the bubbles, even though their faces don't seem like it :)

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Playing in the big sand pit!!!
Adam won the frozen shirt contest!!! Mommy got her groove on with the kiddos on top of the sand pile!
Spending some time at souvenir city. We actually spent a lot of time as Baby Boy was constipated and allowed mommy to sit with him in this OH SO GROSS bathroom for 30 minutes. I was ready to shake that poop out!!!

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