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Monday, June 1, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge

An attempt to get us all in front of the lodge sign!
We sure do love GROUPON!!! Seriously, I have been so impressed with all of the local deals we get through Groupon and Living Social. I get them for DFW and both of our parents cities so that when we are visiting them we can get good deals as well.

I was able to book the WOLF DEN for a great price with Groupon!! The kids were thrilled that they had their own little room and wait for it..THEIR OWN TV(i bet they watched 20 mins top..and that was to let mom and dad sleep in a little longer!!!
I bought the Great Wolf Lodge Groupon knowing that the kids would have a blast and planning it as our "SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER CELEBRATION!!". They had no clue where we were going until we drove up the lodge, and even then I had to point to a sign and get Goober to read it out loud...then all the commercials came flooding into the minds and they were ready to go!!!

We booked it for a Thursday night, knowing that weekends are probably super crowded..and we were we left Friday night the crowds started rolling in.

The two littles LOVED their slides! They would sneak past the lifeguards and ride them together, even stopping mid slide to turn around backwards. Adam and I were always right there in the pool with them but we would just laugh and laugh at the teenage boy who kept trying to make them mind with whistle blows and throwing his hands up :). Don't worry we disciplined but only after we chuckled and got a picture!
Some of my favorite memories from the weekend was listening to Ribbit talk about how she felt like Jesus in the wave pool? "mommy, remember when Jesus calmed the storm, well every time the waves stop its like he is calming the storm again". Another was Goober running up to me on Friday morning (we were back in the waterpark the minute it opened) and said " I MADE A FRIEND"..its honestly something he tends to struggle with..he doesn't like to ask others if he can play with them, he wants to be invited. To make things even better, HE KNEW THE KIDS NAME!!! I mean we have gone to the same church for 3 years now and he still refers to some kids by their looks or by their hair do...its ridiculous. Anyways, he and BRANDON were instant best buds and bonded over their love of riding the slides back to back to back and then jumping in the lazy river to "rest". Baby Boy LOVED that everywhere you went you heard wolf howls...I MEAN EVERYWHERE, everyone does it and eventually you do it too. The wolf howling is also everyone's signal that the wave pool is getting started again and so everyone listens for it and then makes a mass run to the pool!

Mom and Dad got to enjoy some hot tub time..with the kiddos of course. They would play Zombie in there and fall over backwards like they were dead so they didn't splash the other adults in the hottub. Don't worry, we only stayed in for 10-15 mins at a time!
Yup, shooting water at their butts brought loads of laughs!
Apparently this is how wolf mommies and babies give kisses. You can see my fantastic meal in front of me. Grilled lamb wrap with roasted potatoes...YUMMY, we will definitely be going back to Tazikis again...about 10 minutes from the Lodge.
We couldn't have picked a better time to go, it was 55-65 degrees and rainy the whole time we were there and we just watched it pour as we sat in the indoor waterpark in our bathing suits playing in the pools, jumping in and out of the hot tubs, exploring the water huts and relaxing in the lazy river. 

They wanted to take a picture with EVERY SINGLE STATUE!

I love the "stinker" face Baby Boy is making, totally him!
These two could LIVE in the wave pool. They loved it when we would hold their hands and let them jump the waves or just hold them from being pushed around..MY ABS were SORE to the touch the next day from having 40 lbs on either side and lifting at every wave...YEAH!

You can see Adam and the kids waiting for the waves to begin in the distance. I got cold and decided to snuggle up with my towel and some summer can see that I got super far since Page #1 is folded down to mark my place ...hehee.

This was the only way I could get pics of him from slide to slide and try to catch him as he came out of the tubes. You can see his silhouette and his buddy leaning over. I bet they rode this 10 times in a row but I never knew which tunnel they were coming out of and when!

Mission accomplished!!! You know that the fun level is high when your 3 year old asked to take a nap. This was Friday around 1. We only made it about another 1.5 hours before heading home. We spent a total of 8 hours in the waterpark between Thursday afternoon and Friday so all 3 kids were out before we got home...a 20 min drive :)

My favorite!
Ending kisses with my sweet wolf cub.

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