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Monday, June 22, 2015

One is silver and the other gold

Make new friends, but keep the is silver and the other gold.

It's such a blessing to have old friends, as in from childhood, definitely not old as in age..girls we are not old :)!

 I love that anytime I am within 100 miles of my hometown I am getting bombarded by invites to come meet up, hang out, make play dates, go to dinner, get coffee or just hug a neck real quick. These friendships don't take any time to get right back where we left off. I love that we rush up, hug necks, and normally pick up on our last conversation or immediately begin to retell our FUNNY, EMBARRASSING, AWKWARD middle/high or college stories.

As if that wasn't PURE GOLD, now we all have kiddos that we get to watch play together, declare best friendships over (after 10 minutes), pull off of one another in a wrestling match (after 10 minutes) and compare to their mommas :).

While we were at the beach we invited over Allison and Sarah and their kids for a beach day. Unfortunately that was the one day that we had awful, stay inside all day weather which meant that we had 6 kids inside the condo. It would have been 8 but they both left their youngest with grandparents. As the ladies caught up on life and continuously yelled things like "don't hit your sister, stop running, don't aim the gun at peoples faces, stop jumping on the beds" our kids ran circles around the condo squealing in pure delight...and poor Adam was official referee.

At one point they were running laps around the condo through two sets of glass doors shooting guns and screaming like banshees. Well, one glass door got shut and poor Sophie ran smack into it as all the adults watched and quickly tried to cover our laughter. Adam yelled at her to let him know when she planned on doing that again so he could film it and get rich ;). Poor girl, but as her mom quickly reminded us of her own grill+hamburger+youthtrip+glass door fiasco it all made sense. Sophie quickly rebounded and was back to herself in 2 minutes flat.

It was also super adorable that Charlie and Baby Boy showed up in the same exact same Ninja Turtle swimsuit...which meant that they were instantly connected at the hip. Baby Boy never left his side and cuddled up to Charlie's momma when he did to watch a movie.

Eventually the rain stopped long enough for the kids to jump in the pool ....they were shivering and poor Caroline had blue lips but they didn't let that stop them from SWIMMING. We also got to walk down to the beach and collect some stellar shells.

It was a wonderful day spent watching our kids and talking to them about our times together as little girls. Its amazing how much food they went through too..I made a huge stack of blueberry pancakes and bacon and let me tell you that not one adult got to eat pancakes or bacon. We all got pretzels and edamame...boring adult food :).

I'm so thankful for the blessings of friends I have in both TX and AL.

Watching the storm roll in...sweet little things.

Super best buds already.

Finally swimming time!!
Putting down some grub out on the balcony!! Caroline has on Ribbit's dress as "dress up time" had just ended. They also found a tampon in my purse and asked how it worked :).

Cuddles with Charlie and his momma.

This picture reminds me of another picture of the three of us running on the beach during our spring break of our senior year. We had a blast with 5 other girls in a beach house that year. Who knew that 12 years later we would be on the same beach with 6 of our 8 kiddos enjoying life and still loving on and encouraging one another. LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!

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