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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bachelorette Party

Like I said in yesterdays post we left Monday afternoon for Alabama...which meant that I made it to town in time to go to Micah's bachelorette party. We made plans to all meet down at the Wharf in Orange Beach for Tuesday night. Tuesday afternoon though Goober got to spend time with just Uncle Chris at Waterville. Chris got all of his groomsmen flask and since my little man doesn't have any need for that he took him out for a day of fun instead. 

Adam and I are once again so thankful for Uncle Chris and the time he gives towards our children. Adam actually spoke of that when he gave his best man speech at Chris's wedding reception. Chris went out of his way, during the week of his wedding, after working that morning and took Goober to have fun for 5 hours...thats love :).

And since Goober NEVER gets alone time with mom or without the babies I stopped at a gas station on the way down to meet Chris at work and let him get WHATEVER HE WANTED!!! He was thrilled...he of course picked the drink with the most caffeine and sugar and the most unhealthy snack!! He was on A HIGH!!!! He tried to get me to take a sip of soda and I realized that June 2nd IS MY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF NO SODA, SWEET TEA or SNICKERS!!! Guys, this is huge! I used to get a Pepsi and snickers every other afternoon at school to get me through my afternoon!! I used to get a large sweet tea about 2x a week to drink through my school day. NOT ANYMORE!!
 Tuesday night, we ate at Bimini Bobs at the Wharf. I got there first and got us a beautiful table out by the marina. Sipping on some red wine and these views is something I get could used to!
My dinner was fantastic!! Chicken salad salad with Wickle Pickles, pecans, fruit and their house vinaigrette. YUMMY

That's right..>DAVE MATTHEWS BAND!! We were finishing up dinner when a guy approached us (we were decked out in bachelorette bling, especially Micah) and asked if we wanted 6 free Dave Matthew Concert tickets. The concert was about a block away at the Amphitheater. At first we were hesitant since  he seemed a little pushy but he quickly told us that he and his friends had to leave and they didn't want the tickets to go to waste..they recognized there was 6 of us and they had exactly 6 tickets.

On the way to the theater we realized they said PIT...thats right. FREE PIT TICKETS!!!
We ended up getting to the concert about 5 minutes before Dave came out, Emmy Lou Harris had just finished and they were changing sets. We were thrilled!!!! We ended up dancing and listening to music for the next 3 hours. We were not dressed for a concert and our dresses became sweaty rags and our toes were numb from our high heels but it was a great party and such a fun surprise. I know the bachelorette had fun and I am sure it was a much needed low stress night with the wedding coming up in 3 days!
You can see some of our bachelorette bling lighting up....we had on glow in the dark bracelets, light up rings and then Micah had on a tiara and sash. You can see her two sisters (the blondes), her two other bridesmaids who she has known since birth (two sisters, brunettes in the back row). They were all so fun to hang out with!!
What a fun night!!! 
We kept texting Chris and Adam and they were kinda jealous :)...sorry boys!!! I know you guys had a great time at the bachelor party too!!!

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