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Monday, June 8, 2015

1st week of summer 2015

Its been exactly one week since I last posted but we have been traveling, marrying off our Uncle Chris and enjoying ourselves at the beach. Any "downtime" has been spent napping or visiting with friends and family. 

Here is the first full of week of our summer in pictures.

We left for Alabama on Monday afternoon...and spent 6 hours just getting out of TX. We decided to stop at Collins Street Bakery which has been featured on the Food Network to grab a little treat after sitting on the interstate for a solid hour.
We spent some time reading at Barnes and Noble one afternoon. Ribbit put herself in charge of storytime.
Baby Boy finished up his baseball season and had a cute little party to celebrate.
We made cupcakes for Daddy's workers to thank them in advance for working hard while Daddy came on vacation with us!
We rode bikes and scooters up and down the road and around the park!
We took advantage of any sunshine...even 30 minutes worth and went to the splash pad super early one morning to get some outdoor time in before the thunderstorms rolled in for the rest of the day.
Adam is continuously working on our kitchen remodel. Once again I am so thankful for a husband who can do all of our handyman work. It saves us soo much money!
Our first book in our family summer reading list was Marley and Me. This is right after Marley died,...geesh, someone should have warned us!
We ate at our favorite Mediterranean place, Medi Cafe after church one afternoon. These kiddos sure do love pita!!!!
Ribbit finished up cheerleading and decided to sign up again in the fall. Check out that jump!
She was so proud of her traveled all the way to Alabama with us!
I am currently sitting on the couch in our condo....surrounded by my family. We are all coated in sunscreen and then a thin layer of sand. We have been out at the beach and pool for over 4 hours and its just now 12:30 :). Loving time with my family and time to de-stress from the end of the year and all of the things that had to be taken care of for our Uncle Chris's fantastic wedding!

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