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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Fathers Day Adam

Shame on me, but when I married Adam I wasn't looking for someone who would be the absolute best daddy for my future children. Sure, I hoped that he would be but it wasn't something I was actively worried about ...I mean I hardly ever saw him around children while we were at college.

That along with a "handyman", and a man whose parents know the value of marriage though are things I advise my students to add to their husband list. Get that man around kids, parents, uncles, aunts, brothers, grandparents and see how he acts....put that man in front of a broken car, toilet, light and see if he can figure out how to fix it.

(as I am writing this he is building us new cabinets for our complete kitchen remodel!!)

With God constantly working through us and blessing us beyond our wildest imagination we have become parents to three beautiful, very different children. Fortunately for me, God also blessed Adam with the love, patience, wisdom and joy it takes to be a wonderful father. He brings silliness, godly guidance, appropriate discipline and a sense of "less is more" into our lives. He teaches us all to constantly be satisfied with what we have or to fix it or make it ourselves. He would rather me cook a meal then go out to eat anyday of the week. He takes his time to do things right, teaching as he goes along if anyone wants to know how to do it. He puts down his foot when mommy has given in way tooo many times or has just spent all day repeating herself or dealing with whining. He loves at the right times, spanks when its needed and never in anger and only raises his voice to get attention. He is respected in our home and reminds us all that our riches come from above. What a blessing he is to our family.

I asked all 3 kids the same questions about their daddy. Here are their very funny, very different answers.

1. How old is your Daddy?
Ribbit- 17, right?
Baby Boy- counting on his fingers as he licked the crumbs off of them, 1, 2, free, yeah free (3)

2. What kind of hair does he have?
Baby Boy-Bwack

3. What is your Daddy's favorite thing to do?
Goober-kiss mommy (its sooo true!!!)
Ribbit-napping (true again)
Baby Boy-work out

4. I love when my Daddy....
Goober-rolls his belly (man of many talents)
Ribbit-hugs and kisses me
Baby Boy-say that I love him

5. My Daddy always says...
Goober-"use your brain"
Ribbit-"don't eat too much sugar"
Baby Boy-"do not pee pee in your pants"

Before we were even a "couple"...Celebrating Adam's graduation from Auburn.
6. I like to go ________ with my Daddy.
Goober-to restaurants
Ribbit-to Red Lobster/ Johnny Carinos
Baby Boy-check out books

7. I like to go eat this with my Daddy.
Goober-Hamburgers at In N Out
Ribbit-Cheese biscuits
Baby Boy-Chick Fil A

8. My daddy's favorite food is________ and his favorite drink is _________.
Goober-Swedish Fish, Beer (jackpot)
Ribbit-coconuts, coffee
Baby Boy-McDonalds, juice

9. What is your Daddy's job?
Goober-fixes everything
Ribbit-working on the school
Baby Boy-work at Mr. Michaels (our neighbor and Adam's BFF)

10. If your Daddy could have any job in the world what would it be?
Goober-playing Auburn football (WINNER)
Ribbit-eating (she knows her daddy)
Baby Boy-working at home

11. He laughs the most when ...
Goober-Alabama loses (TUSCA LOSER)
Ribbit-when I say "the stars are in the sky, they bloom like a flower"..she was staring at the ceiling at this point..I think she was hallucinating from exhaustion (long day of park and pool prior to these questions)
Baby Boy-when he is joking

12. I know that he loves me when he...
Goober-says "you are the best kid ever"
Ribbit-kisses me
Baby Boy-when he kisses mommy

13. My absolute favorite thing about my Daddy is....
Goober-that he can fix anything
Ribbit-that he always gives me popcorn
Baby Boy-probabwy his dancing


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