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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Chris and Micah Wedding Part 2

The wedding was 4:30 on Friday afternoon. It couldn't have been more beautiful weather, which I know is an answer to prayers since the forecast called for rain all week! We (me and the two littles) got there kind of late...I had to get them ready by myself and living out a suitcase made that a tad bit difficult. Regardless we got there and had time to snap this picture before heading inside.

(back row-Peach Daddy, Peach Momma, Papa, CC, Chris, Great Grandma, Great Grandpa) 

A great picture of my brother with my mom's parents.

My good looking parents and brother.

Escorting my mom in.

All lined up and pretty. Look at my handsome man and big boy up there!

Hey MOM!! We need more cheerios, I popped them cheerios throughout the whole rehearsal and wedding....the church had a rule for no food, but the wedding director had a rule of no loud children...she won!

My two sweet babies. They carried down garland together as they came in and as they left they carried down a sign that said " and so it begins". They couldn't have done any better. Baby Boy was all smiles as usual and Ribbit acted a little bit shy which I will take over her crazy antics!!

Heading to the reception, one last second for a family picture....The 2 little kids went to a baby sitter for the reception and I wanted to make sure we got a picture before we went our separate ways.

First dance..beautiful ...look at that dress!

My families table. You can see my parents, Uncle Paul, his son Mason, my Uncle Carl and Aunt Robin, my cousin Heather, and then my grandparents and great aunt Sheila. I split my time between this fun table and the wedding party table.

We busted out the moves towards the end of the night and worked off some of the delicious food and desserts we enjoyed!! I love that my Big Man was wiling to dance with both me and Adam. I hope the photographer got some good shots, she was all over him as he started moving those hips. My dad sent me the picture of Adam and I dancing...great hand position Adam:).

The happy couple leaving later on that night. They stayed at the Grand Hotel in Fairhope until they caught a plane to the Dominican Republic. They actually got back about the same time we did last night..midnight!

When we got back to the hotel that night Adam and I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed and we watched Goober get down on his knees and look Baby Boy in the eyes. He grabbed his shoulders and said very seriously and sadly " Now we will never get to see our Uncle Chris again". It BROKE OUR HEARTS. We told him quickly how untrue that was and that if anything we may get to see him more now that they were married. He was really upset though..poor guy. 

We are so happy that these two are FINALLY married, I know it seemed like an eternity to them but for us we were just ready to have Micah as our official aunt!! We had so much fun and loved staying and playing around beautiful Fairhope. My brother is currently interviewing at a few churches around the United States to be a student/youth pastor so as much as we would love to have them close to us we wish more that they are where the Lord wants them to be.

We asked the kids what their favorite part about Uncle Chris's and Aunt Micah's wedding was and here are their answers.

Goober-Getting asked to be his groomsmen and being the first one to get my present from Uncle Chris

Ribbit-Wearing my beautiful flower crown

Baby Boy-That they got married :)

Goober also can't stop talking about the steak he got at the reception. They rented out the Washhouse restaurant and the food was delish!!! I need to find out their recipe because my 10 year old put their steak away quick!!!

One of my favorite moments was when Micah's sisters were giving a speech and they said that they were all best friends and that that isn't common ...and it isn't...for siblings to be best friends now a days. My sweet little brother who was sitting right beside me, looked at me, winked and gave me a fistbump. We truly are best friends. I love our long theological conversations, I love our talks about nutrition and working out. I love our passion for Auburn football and all the memories I have of us watching games together and putting off everything else in our life for it. I love that we can stay up late making fun of our past (and our parents, sorry guys) together and laugh until we cry. I love that he helps me teach my kids our diarrhea song....I know TMI. I am so thankful for his friendship and love.

Another favorite memory was my husbands best man speech at the reception. It was basically an altar call. I love that he told everyone there that the way Chris is going to honor Micah is the way we are treated as the bride of Christ...loved, nurtured, cared for, protected. I love that he got choked up when he spoke about meeting Chris when he was 13 and fat but that Chris was the most genuine person he had ever met and that he never hesitates to let our kids spend time with him. We both know that he loves them deeply and he has proved that by spending his money, breaks and time with them repeatedly. It was a super sweet time to see them have that bond too.

We love you Chris and Micah and wish you all the blessings and happiness that marriage can bring!

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