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Friday, June 12, 2015

Chris and Micah Wedding Part 1

On Thursday morning we headed down to Fairhope to stay for 3 days during all of the wedding festivities. My mom made sure to get a hotel with a pool so the kiddos would have lots of fun during all of the downtime...which turned out to be very little :). We love Fairhope though and we had a great time.

The rehearsal dinner was at Gambinos. This place is awesome in so many ways. The food is fantastic, the staff is super helpful and goes out of there way to make sure everyone has just what they want. They were great with my kids that night and brought out extra chocolate milk and extra breadsticks just for them :).

My Aunt Robin, Ribbit, my mom and I had the rehearsal space ready in about 1 hours, with burlap tablecloths, flower centerpieces, pictures of the bride and groom, seashells, dessert tables and some cute Mr. and Mrs. items.

Here we are at the rehearsal. My funny husband, who was the best man made sure to keep things low stress and light for Chris and he thought these mustaches would be funny. It reminded me of when my bridesmaids made paper plate bouquets for my rehearsal. Our boys thought that these were hilarious!

At one point Goober had on a mustache above his lip and one as a unibrow :).
 My Uncle Paul, cousin Mason and my Mom's parents also drove down for the rehearsal dinner. Ribbit was done for the night by this point. I had backed into her eye with my chair, they had not napped that day and she was actually begging to go to bed...poor thing. But she looked beautiful in her sparkly dress :).

The next day we had a little free time. We ended up doing lots of little errands for the bride and groom but that is what we wanted to helpful and make sure that everything went as smooth as possible. We still had time to go swimming that morning with Papa and try out our new gogggles :). 

Next stop was mommy's absolute favorite place in Fairhope. My girlfriends and I use to come here and sit in their oversized couches and sip on drinks while we talked for hours. We did this our senior year and anytime we came home on break for college. I have so many great memories here. In fact, I saw a guy I graduated with from Auburn there that day which is extremely weird considering there was 15 of us in the Fine Arts degree and we both recognized each other after almost 10 years!! The kids got smoothies and mom and dad got wet sands...soymilk, banana and honey..YUMMO!!!

That's all I have time for this morning. Its our last full day at the beach and we are going to soak up every minute!!!! The beach is beautiful this morning and I got in a long breezy run this morning. Its going to be hard to leave this vacation, especially after spending EVERY day with friends and family. What a blessing!

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