Friday, June 26, 2015

Eating for your blood type-Fitness Friday

I had a wonderful, super thought provoking conversation with a co-worker at inservice. She loves to exercise but over the past year has been diagnosed with an immune disease that runs in her family. It causes her joints to become inflamed and she just has a harder time moving in general. Her dad found this diet formulated by Dr. Peter D'Adamo that suggest food you should/shouldn't eat according to your blood type. My friends father began following this diet and had great success with it, even to the point where he was able to come off some of his meds. My friend recently started this diet and in 3 weeks had seen great results in her own issues with digestion and inflammation....even her boys who have a different type had better energy, digestion and focus when they ate according to these suggestions.

Here is the science behind it. Dr. D"Adamo's website--Give yourself some time because this website is super interesting and very thorough!

Here is the basic summary for each blood type. You can also read on the site how these diets affect weight loss, exercise, disease, cancer risks, stress, sleep patterns, etc.

 So what did I do with this? Well I was already working on integrating more purple food into my diet to help raise my good cholesterol levels so I was snacking on eggplants, choosing red wine over white and found purple sweet potatoes at Sprouts :).

So, to try some of these ideas for my Type A blood I went from having salad with some sort of protein (mostly tuna, turkey and chicken) to having at least one salad a day that is completely vegan...using lots of different greens, veggies and edamame to get lots of protein! I also upped my tofu consumption from 1-2 servings a week to 3-4. I also started cooking a lot more fish and shrimp!!! I can say that I haven't noticed any significant changes but then again I didn't have anything that needed fixin ;). I do love that I am eating tons of greens daily. There has been only one day where I haven't had a salad in the last month but that morning I made a big ole KALE was nice and chunky. Slurped that thing down with a few winces here and there.

Any thoughts on this diet? Any success stories?   Totally interesting right?

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