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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

More Vacay-forgotten post!!!

Saved this as a draft and never published it....WOOPS!!!

The day that we left Fairhope we decided to head down to the pier so that the kids could see some fish and the bay.

The kids got to see people crabbing and fishing. They also got to help pick up the fish that were caught in nets and put them in a bucket. They found treasure in the water and fed the birds with bread that a sweet worker from our hotel saved for the kiddos.

Getting smooches down by the bay!!

We found this awesome painted wall in downtown and took several pictures. Here are some of my favorites!! Christmas card maybe?
On the very first morning of the beach part of our vacation the sun was brightly shining and we jumped at the chance to eat outdoors....most of our meals were eaten outside :). Check out those morning curls!

MOM!..its way to bright and early for a picture!
My mom and dad stayed at the beach with us for the first two days and last night. They loved getting out in the water with CC and Papa. The littles wore their floaties at all times at the beach but took turns taking them off when an adult was in the pool beside them. By the end of our vacation Baby Boy was swimming underwater with goggles on and Ribbit was jumping in and taking her time walking around the shallow in....BIG STEPS FOR BOTH OF THEM!
Beautiful weather. Only 3 of us got stung by jellyfish all week long, other than that just lots of sand burns from the waves :).

This little thing could play in the sand all day long!! She loved making drip castles and "polka dot castles".

Baby Boy out on a boogie board with CC and our friend Emma.

We made friends very easily on the beach, as I am sure most people do. We found some families who were there for the same time as us and our kids played together on most days. They loved catching the small fishies and keeping them in a bucket..poor little fish didn't stand a chance.

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