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Monday, July 6, 2015

Eating our way through Summer!!

I can't believe its the first week of July. I want to tape down the hands of our clock and make time stand least in our home :). I have noticed a big difference between this summer and all in there is none :). I got some summer HW sheets from a friend and so far we have done sheets twice :). Goober has finished one book and his reading packet so thats good. We finished Marley and Me and Jungle Book for our summer reading, we are in the middle of The Secret Garden so there is that too. Its funny though as to how our schedule gets thrown away daily...I mean how can we nap, rest, do HW and clean when there are so many friends with pools, so many fun camps, so many play dates to keep and birthday parties to attend? How can we say no to being outside at all times, eating popsicles on our trampoline and riding our bikes at the park? How can we not be a part of parades, go see all the new movies, try out fun new restaurants with friends and make homemade "frozen" goop with Daddy? There is just not time for naps!!!...and did I mention that most nights we struggle to go to bed by 9...DANG, we are gonna have it hard come the first week of school. 

Heres a look at our summer food...lots of fresh fruit and veggies...gotta balance out that ice cream somehow!!!

One of my new favorite fish! Mahi Mahi burgers with lime and jalepeno. Add horseradish and mustard, put some greens underneath and its a great filling meal!

We are loving the smoothies too!!! This is mommies green juice...1/2 green apple (skin on), 1/3 cucumber,  1 kiwi, spinach , squeeze of lemon and water. 

Steel Cut Oats has become my go to breakfast. Mix in raisins, lots of cinnamon, green apples, PB2 and Walden Farms no calorie marshmallow cream!!!

My kids like to eat Steel Cut Oats mixed with strawberries and the Walden Farms Marshmallow Cream.

WATERMELON. The kids could eat a watermelon a day. My preferred method is to freeze 2 cups of watermelon on a  baking sheet over night, mix it with 1 cup of yogurt (vanilla, lime or banana) and make Watermelon frozen yogurt for breakfast! YUMMY

How could we pass on 1/2 price shakes at Sonic? Perfect accessory for our bike ride at the local park. Its funny how Sonic offers about 1000 different shake flavors but all 3 of mine wanted Peanut Butter Fudge..they know what they like! I opted for Braums Pineapple Almond Frozen Yogurt instead...YUM

I made eggplant lasagna the other day for my family and they literally gobbled up the whole casserole dish! With the leftover eggplant I roasted it, topped it with horseradish, relish and mustard and it was FANTASTIC!!

Our new favorite dessert thanks to Aunt Becky. Lowfat angel food cake layered with Lemon sugar free pudding,  lite whip cream and lots of fruit....I mean I could eat this whole bowl!!

Homemade Lunchables have been a big hit with the kiddos this summer. I put out crackers, matzah, tzatiki, blue cheese spread, pepporoni, turkey, cheese...really anything left in the fridge and they make all kinds of little sandwiches. They ask for this lunch daily!

Momma's french fries. Cut up a peeled jicama. Sprinkle lemon juice, salt, pepper and buffalo seasoning and roast it for 45 minutes. Dip into Walden Farms no calorie BBQ sauce. YUMMMY and satisfying!!

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