Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fitness Friday-CRYO!

This was schedule to go out Friday but thanks to my husband and mom I was out busy celebrating my birthday Thursday night, all day Friday and most of the day Saturday!!!...Better late than never!

First, on my 7 mile AWESOME group run this morning we all started trying to figure out how many more weeks we have until school starts back. Three of us are teachers and I couldn't help but notice that I had the loudest groan when we figured out that my inservice is around 3 weeks away. Can you blame me though when you have had this kind of summer? 

Watching my kiddos play in the sand, chase waves and GET ALONG while I sipped on a banana/mango smoothie and sunbathed...even if all of this lasted only 5 mins?
 And what about all of those yummy summer snacks we have enjoyed on the beach, front porch, trampoline, at the splash park and sitting around our friends pool?
 And who wants to write a syllabus, or grade papers or get dressed up when you can wear comfortable bathing suits and play in the sand all day?
But then again, who would teach the fantastic subjects of ART AND BIBLE to fantastic kiddos, at a school where my faith is allowed and encouraged to be shared? Who would get to hug all of those smiling kiddos and watch them cover themselves in paint and clay? Who would get to watch the bible come alive to my 8th grade girls?....ahh, its hard to say which I love more...summer or my job!!

My beautiful, talented and inspiring high school art teacher Mrs. Johnt. She had a huge impact on my life and is a big reason as to why I teach Art. We try to see her anytime we are at the beach as that is where she and her husband have retired. Thanks for meeting us at Sea and Suds!!
Sooo back to Fitness. I once again want to talk about Cryotherapy as I have seen and heard even more positive testimonials. I signed up for 3 Cryo sessions at Cryo Nation in Grapevine. I got it for a great deal of Groupon. I was so excited that they agreed to let me go in for 3 full minutes, as before I had only been allowed to do 2 minutes based on body fat/ blood pressure.

3 minutes is SOOOO stinking long when you are already cold natured and have frozen gas being blasted at you.....I thought the last 30 seconds were comparable to the last 30 seconds of a ab class :). However, the effects are amazing. I heard and spoke to several clients as I waited for my turn who have had greater pain relief with Cryo after knee surgery than going to rehab.

Right after I stepped out. I literally had to make myself move...almost like breaking through the soft shell of ice that covered my body!
 I also spoke to the Chiropractor who shares the building and he was telling me how Benjamin Franklin said that doctors of the future would be more concerned with the skeleton and body temperature. Now who knows if thats true but the more he spoke the more it made sense. I have heard people who are alleviated of their migraines after getting the spines adjusted. I have a close friend who no longer deals with foot pain, plantar fasciitis, due to getting 2 cryo sessions a week after years of pain.
My new favorite, the spine roller table. At Cryo Nation you can lay on here for 10 minutes before or after your cryo session. I need one at home for sure!

So a little TMI but useful info for you before going is that you are naked in the Cryo tube. I always crack up because they give you gloves, socks and slippers to can wear your under garments but they always encourage you not to due to all the nerve endings in your rear!! I always feel so silly but no one else sees you :)

As I stepped in I couldn't help think to myself "beam me up is rather time travel device like looking!!!

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