Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Celebrate Good Times, COME ON!!!

Like that cheesy title?

It really should be the theme song of our life as we have celebrated 4 different events in less than 6 days!

We had both Goobers and Ribbits birthday party while CC was in town so that they would have at least one grandparent present. Then we ended this week with my birthday and our anniversary. I will blog about the latter two on a different post since my husband did a fantastic job of making me feel special this year!!!

We celebrated Goober's 11th birthday with all kinds of fun things. He got to hear his birthday wish from us announced over the radio and he was so excited to tell everyone that his name was said over the radio and so many people heard it. He got to pick what we did the rest of the day ending his night with Johnny Carinos and his favorite Tiramisu!!!

 Opening a few gifts from siblings and mom and dad that morning. His big gift was the trampoline and his rather large birthday party. So that morning he got some of his favorite gum, loom bands and his own gum dispenser.
Eating it like a refined gentlemen. He couldn't finish it all....we helped him :)

Big Man wanted the exact theme as his last birthday party. So we rented out our school gym, invited all the boys he could think of and planned on playing basketball, kickball and wearing ourselves out for 2 hours. He even wanted another Star Wars theme...easy peasy.
 Singing Happy Birthday as he blew out his candles. We had chocolate cake, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and we made them to look like "galaxies".

Opening presents from his best bud and neighbor

 Little bubba wanted to sit beside his big bubba while he opened presents. He knew exactly how to pose too. This is Goober's buddy Ryan ....Ryan and Goober have been friends for 3 years and I have taught both of his older sisters!
The boys wanted to play Ships and Sailors for the lsat 20 minutes or so which was great...no more dodging balls!!! Even the two littles got to play!
Check out the video we got of Goober hearing his birthday wish on the radio. He was soooo shocked....but no one thought twice about riding around the block several times at 7:50 in the morning :).

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