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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Peach Pickin-Blue Apron Meals-Chicken Meatballs

 Have you heard of Blue Apron?  I stumbled on to it after reading another mommy fitness blog and coincidentally they had just started delivering to our city. It is basically prepackaged meals using tons of veggies, giving you complete instructions and using FRESH FRESH ingredients!
Everything is shipped right to your door, you can even choose delivery dates and windows of delivery time.  It comes in a  refrigerated box so it should stay fresh until you get home and get it unpacked. We started with Chicken Meatballs. Here is everything laid out.

Here are the 6 easy steps for Chicken Meatballs. Each box comes with enough food for 3 meals. There are packages that serve 2 and 4. We chose the 2 servings one as the servings are large and normally I add on another starch or bread to the rest of the families to make it stretch. I love that I also got to choose more seafood over pork, and you can change delivery dates if you need to!
 As I have started making more and more of these meals I am realizing that these colorful, step by step pictures are so great when allowing your kids to cook beside you. Goober can help me prep for almost every meal and its helpful to show them the final product as my kids are notorious for pointing at raw meat and screaming " EWWWWW" or looking at a ton of veggies and gagging at the thought of eating any of them!
You probably noticed the sack in the first picture labeled "Chicken Meatball" knick knacks. Those knick knacks are sauces, rice, herbs and optional items to kick up the heat if you so desire!

I have absolutely no clue as to how to pronounce this or what it is but DANG IT WAS DELISH!! It was sweet and spicy, my favorite!!! It had pepper flakes in it and reminded me of this spicy sweet and sour sauce from a local chinese place. We left this off of our meatballs as I prepped them and added it as needed to mine, Adams and Goobers individual plate. We had some leftover and so tonight when I made salmon I slathered it on...YUM!

Dumping everything in with the ground chicken for meatballs. Sautéed garlic and shallots added tons of flavor!!

YUMMY!!!! and super quick!

Pan cooking the zucchini, I definitely had some smoke, but then again I hardly ever get out of the kitchen without a little smoke!

Here is what the final meal is supposed to look like. It was around 700 calories per serving but that is WAYYYYY to much for me! I have already written Blue Apron asking them to offer lower calorie meals or to let me help them provide lower calorie side options. 

Here is our final meal. I served the kiddos and Adams over a little bit of rice and I ate mine with wilted spinach. Another option would be to put it in a whole wheat pita wrap or use quinoa as the side option. There was so much flavor in this meal and the aromatics in the kitchen got the attention of my kiddos way before supper was ready!

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