Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dolphin Cruise

Last year we booked a Dolphin Cruise, and not once but twice it was rained out. We ended up leaving the tickets for my brother and sister in law to use after we left. This year I almost booked that same cruise but I am so glad I didn't. We found a better price and what I think was the friendliest and family oriented places in Orange Beach. We paid $12 bucks and spent close to 2.5 hours on the water. The staff was friendly, yet reminded our kiddos when to sit :). They would motion to the kids about which side to get on and they loved telling us all about the dolphins. They played family friendly music the whole time and helped kiddos and mommas with life jackets and getting in and out of the boat. It was super laid back and I would highly recommend "Surfs Up" Dolpn Cruises in Orange Beach, right beside Cobalts.

Super excited  to finally go on our dolphin cruise!!!

It was hard to get a picture of Goober as he ran from one side of the boat to  the other. He loved standing up on the bow and then hanging onto the metal railing. 

They followed us for 10 solid minutes TWICE jumping in and out of our wake. 

There were baby dolphins as well and most of them had pink bellies!

Family selfie and as usual Ribbit is in her own world. 

Apparently riding in a boats wake is like bodyboarding for a dolphin, requires very little energy and is a lot of fun!
Afterwards we went and ate lunch with Uncle Paul and Mason and then headed to the beach for some kite flying and frisbee throwing. What an awesome day!!

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