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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Now I'm no parenting expert but one would think that if you take your children to the beach for 4 hours and then swim in the pool 2 to 4 times daily that you have some very tired kiddos on your hands....BIG FAT NOPE!

On the flip side I have seen the sun rise almost every morning :)... And gotten lots of extra morning snuggles, kisses and face slaps :).

We have caught big shells, crabs, hermit crabs and fish. We have seen sharks, sting rays, large beach birds, jellyfish AND THE BLUE ANGELS! The neat part is that we just saw an IMAX video on the blue angels last week so the kids were super excited except Ribbit who said " those things freak me out sometimes".

We went on an adventure today with the two older kids and Uncle Chris. It involved walking two miles but then having a private beach all to ourselves, like no one closer than a mile to us on either side. I thought I might die getting there and coming back but the beach was well worth it.

The kids have loved having a pool right outside our cottage, using their nets, playing in the sand, and playing musical beds every night....tomorrow we have 4 more people coming to stay with us so things should get interesting :). I'm thinking that with that kid to adult ratio, this tired momma might actually get to take a nap and/or read a book.

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