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Monday, July 29, 2013

Father Son Day

Adam and Goober left right after church this morning or Six Flags...Goober won a ticket by reading a certain amount of books and he has been patiently waiting all summer to go. Adam called me around 4:30 and said it was great weather, hardly any lines and they were soaking wet from all the water rides. It now 9:30 and they are still gone so I am assuming that they are having an incredible time. Mom and the 2 littles had a good day too....watched Veggie Tales, skyped with family (1/2 of which Baby Boy showed off his bellybutton), played bunnies, unicorns and cows, rode the horsey (mommy) around the living room several times, ate PB&J sandwiches and took shaving cream baths :). I think everyone is going to sleep well tonight!!!

More pictures from the beach...

CC took Baby Boy out in the water...he eventually started to like the water.
Oh the cuteness in this little thang.
Looking for crabs and stingrays and fish....anything he could catch in that net.
Baby Boy was still able to sleep at the beach in his dome...covered in sand :)
In fact, he was able to take several naps that week, thanks to his 5:00/5:30 wake up time every morning ...cuddling with Daddy.
Check out this video that we watched in church this morning...struck a nerve with me.

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