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Friday, July 26, 2013


Baby Boy is now obsessed with bellybuttons...which comes out as belwebaba...while he grabs your shirt and tackles you to shove his finger into your bellybutton. Its all funny until the neighbor boy is over and Baby Boy decides to pull your shirt down for easier access to your belwebaba.....good thing I have fast reflexes :).

I saw Goober sitting on the toilet today as it flushed...when I asked him why he said " because it makes the flush quieter". Duh mom. He has been grounded from TV this whole week...oh yeah, he did something that bad. I have been doing lots of "fixer uppers" this summer and has asked him to take out the trash that contained 2 cans of EMPTY spray paint. He came back in and said " those spray paint cans were not empty mom". They should have sent off huge RED FLAGS in my head but instead I said "yes they were". Done Deal Right?....Nope, the next morning Adam found some graffiti on the side of the house.....real close to where we put the garbage until garbage day....hmmm? wonder who could have done that? Now we have nice IVY GREEN spray paint on our white brick house.

I took the two older kids to paint pottery after Adam got home from work yesterday. Ribbit chose a little ceramic "baby kitty" to paint. SHE TALKED THE WHOLE TIME SHE PAINTED. One of my favorite lines from her hour long conversation with everyone in the store was " we have baby kitties at home too, but I don't paint them because they won't stay still".....and another " this kitty is girl baby kitty, we don't like boys, right mommy?...we are girls and so we love chothers (each other)". Everyone was cracking up as she made small talk about her kitten. When we were done that thing had 3 layers of different hues of pink on it, 2 purple bows, green eyes, heart shaped polka dots on it back and bright red finger and toenails...can't wait to see it when it comes out of the kiln!!

More pictures from our fun over the summer!

One Friday my mom watched the kids while me, Adam, Chris and Micah (LOVE HER) went to Auburn. Chris really wanted to win her over from Arkansas who is her current love :). We had such a good time and I love getting to spend extra time with my little brother...he is just so cute :).

I WAS STOKED when we walked up to Biggin Hall and the door was unlocked!!! I got to tour my old studios and see the big ole press that started my love for printmaking!!!
The lovebirds in front of the new Cam Newton statue.....oh Cammy Cam!!!
It had started to rain but we still wanted to take this picture with the National Champions sign in the background!
No visit is complete without a stop at Toomers for lemonade!!!! Adam got a Monster Drink instead.EW!

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