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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Feeling blessed

Whew, don't know about you but birthdays wear me out...especially the way we all celebrate.

I turned 29 on Wednesday and we stopped celebrating about 1 hour ago (Friday at 9)....which don't get me wrong, a girl could used to, but we are all exhausted.

On Wednesday Adam took me out for lunch and was super nice to me all day, meaning I got to watch a TV show that didn't involve cartoons, singing cats and/or transformer alien I watched Wheel of Fortune, really I did it just to make the kiddos cringe :).

Thursday night we all went to dinner to celebrate at our new favorite Mexican joint. Adam told the waiter that we had a birthday and I think the guy thought he meant it was one of the kids. So out loud to the whole restaurant he announced that "Kinzie has a birthday" and then he looked at Ribbit and said " Kinzie, how old will you be". When I made a weird face and answered " 29" he got real embarrassed, dug deep in his drawer of tricks and said out loud "Awesome, everyone today Kinzie is turning 21" ....then he smiled at me like it was our little secret. Geesh, I am turning 29, not 109. I gave him the weird look just b/c I have never been asked that in a restaurant. Now everyone is going to think that Adam and I are two juvenile delinquents who started popping out children of a different skin color at age 12. Whatever, it makes me laugh just thinking about that poor waiters face as he squirmed.

Today, Adam gave me the gift of time...thats right he didn't go to work and stayed home to clean and watch the kids all day! I ran several errands, all very slowly while holding coffee in my hands :). I also finished two big projects (outdoor patio furniture and curtains for the playroom). Then Ribbit and I went off to a very girly antique mall and looked around discussing how everything was "beautiful" and why "God is bigger than tormadoes, so tormadoes can't suck up God" and that "we can do anything we want to as long as God says we can" and that "this cute little stool wants to go home with me and help baby bunnies get up into their chairs".....I thought about putting tape over her mouth but I didn't have any tape. Goober was at his last day of camp and Baby Boy got to spend the whole day with Daddy!

Tonight we celebrated with our I love where we live. You see the teenager to the left of us just turned 13 on Sunday and the wife to the right of us just turned 32 on WE HAD TO have a block party to celebrate 3 birthdays!! They all came over to our house and we chowed down on pizza, garlic bread, little smokies wrapped in bacon (LOVE THEM), cheesecake, cookie cake and then guzzled down soda. They may be why all of our children (6 of them) ran around like crazy monkeys and then crashed super hard an hour later. We waited until the sun went down and then set off fireworks which was a hit with the kids and a good way to end the night. We are so blessed to have believers on both sides that we can have get togethers with and share life with.

Here are more pictures from our fun fun busy busy summer!

My little artist, look at that new technique, two paintbrushes at once, both using purple!!
Goober bowling at the first day of camp ....our first day in Alabama.
Giddy up Papa!!!!!
Baby Boy prefers to take his naps snuggled up with mama...okay by me...look at that face, I could eat it up!!!!
Guys, that swimmie diaper does nothing for me!!! Let me in!!!
Getting his "farfugnuggen dinglehopper" (no clue what kind of bat this is) baseball bat from CC and Papa for his birthday.
Opening her birthday gift from Uncle Chris!! Chris took Goober out for a night of go-karting, putt putt and Mexican food for his birthday gift. When we got back from Alabama I asked Goober what his favorite thing about Alabama was and he said " my night with Uncle Chris" :)
Uncle Jason stopped by the next day and was helping Baby Boy find bugs!

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