Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bringing back the crazy

We tend to do "crazy" adopt 3 kids in 13 months. We have been called crazy to our face for that one...oh well, God has a crazy will for our lives then I guess.
However, we also schedule crazy things for a family of 5 with a 17 month old as yesterday for instance. We had Goober's "friend birthday" party...friend is in quotation marks because we already had his "family" party. He invited 3 boys along to play putt putt, ride water bumper cars, play laser tag and take over an arcade for the afternoon. We then finished at our home with ice cream, cake and presents. That wore us out...but then we headed to downtown Ft. Worth to watch not one, but two Drive In movies!!! It didn't even start until 9 when the sun goes down) so we were ALL up until 12:30 watching Turbo and Despicable Me home at 1 and CONKED OUT!!!! The kids did okay during the movie...the whining got to be a little much at one point..also I swear a large (face size) bug flew at me, bomber style, during Despicable Me 2. Adam acted as if it was not a big deal but I had a hard time paying attention after that.

So this morning came around very late and we didn't really start moving until 11ish :).

We were blessed this afternoon with several tickets to several different upcoming events and waterparks by a family at our school. So now Adam and I are cramming all these fun things into the next 2 weeks, along with dentists, doctor, eye doctor, meet the teacher and church events....these kiddos aren't going to know what hit them. We are so very blessed by our school family!!!

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