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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Engagement story

Kinzie here, Duh, but I wanted to jot down some memories from out engagement in honor of our 6th anniversary...which is TODAY!...remember its me so it may not be correct but it's what I remember :).

I was watching TV at my little (tiny) home in Auburn when Adam showed up...I was already in my PJs ready to relax. About the same time he got there my accountability partner (someone you study the bible with and pray with) called me and was in tears. She had seen her boyfriend (one of my and Adams best friends) just leave the church with another girl ( my best friend). Neither she or I knew that they were both leaving to help Adam with his proposal so she was pretty upset and I was confused. Eventually Adam got my attention and said "you might wanna take a shower" while he handed me a piece a paper. Then he walked out the front door. I forget what the paper said but I knew immediately that Adam was about to get engaged :). I told my friend " I love you but I think Adam is gonna propose tonight" and she let me go.
I showered, got dressed and found another clue in my tiny house before heading to Samford Hall, where the 2nd clue led me which said " go to the place where we first hung out with friends". When I got to Samford Hall I looked around and saw our mutual best guy friend (boyfriend of crying girl) sitting on the university sign. I remember asking him if Adam was about to jump out from behind the sign in a gorilla suit...I mean this is Adam we are talking about. Joel said No, prayed with me, and gave me another clue. It said " go the place where we first met".

I'm not kidding when I say I sat there for a good 10 minutes guessing where to go. Joel said no to every place and thought I was joking until I started to cry from being so overwhelmed and really not being able to remember where Adam and I first met. Sooooooo, he drove me the bowling alley....BIG STINKING DUH! We met in bowling class...I even tried to set him up with my bestie, which obviously didnt work out.

At the bowling alley I spotted my bestie, who was there for it all. She and I signed up for bowling together, she met Adam the first day, she figured out he was into me before I did, she was there for our first date (the pow wow and art gallery)...well not there, but while I got ready. Needless to say she was crying and hugging me within seconds and handed me another clue. It said "come home".

So I did, back to my tiny house. When I unlocked the front door Adam was standing there in a suit, with candes and flowers all around the living room. My cat Elvis had been locked in the bedroom and was throwing himself against the door so there was also the sound of "meow, thud, repeat" in the background. Adam got down on one knee, said something about a namesake which made me laugh and say something stupid like " what does that mean?"...and then I said Yes!... The best part is that he whipped out a sharpie and drew a ring on my finger....the ring he had ordered still hadn't come yet and he said he just couldn't wait to propose (now that's true love)....and by the way the ring came in 3 days later....but my sharpie one was just as beautiful (not).

Then we started calling people....I'm not sure why but our parents were out to eat together that night so that was easy and then we called friends.....friends came over, took our pictures and that was that.

We got married the next July, (8 months later), even though I begged Adam to push it back to Christmas....he said No to me, as I hyperventilated in the middle of Hobby Lobby, true story.

Six years later here we are, 3 kids, 2 full time jobs (finally) and 1 good God who has always shown us grace though we continue to look to our own strength and turn our backs on him.

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