Monday, July 15, 2013

Back in Texas

Weeeerrr'eeee back!!!

We made it, the trip home was pretty painless...except the whole man in the girls bathroom at that gas station at 3 o'clock in the morning. Oh and then I scheduled a doctors appointment for the next we walked in our home at 6ish on Thursday morning and left again at 8:45 to drive 20 minutes to the least we didn't skip it.

Since then we have fully unpacked (its so much easier when you wash all your clothes before you leave to come home), run several errands, stocked the pantry and fridge, been to birthday parties, caught up with our neighbors and been back to church. Needless to say today after church we ALL crashed for 3 was glorious and I never wanted it to end, except that Baby Boy was sleeping on top of me and my legs were asleep and he had covered my neck and shoulders in drool and sweat.

We also have some big news, no we aren't pregnant, stop thinking that. Adam officially accepted a FULL TIME job :). His own business was actually going too well, if that can happen. He was working 7 days a week, never seeing the kids and while the money was good the family time was not. However, God knew all of this and as of August 1st Adam will be over the facilities at our school...YUP, our school!!! Hallelujah...what an answered prayer. Now, 4 of the 5 of us will be at the same place every day!!!! He interviewed before we left on vacation and signed a contract the day we got back from vacation....we are so stinking excited. However, come August 1st there is gonna be some meltdowns around this house (momma included). We have NEVER both had full time jobs (always putting each other through grad school)...our kids are used to one of us being home at all times, being able to do 7,000 things after school and on the weekends and sick days were no biggie. It will also be a shock for us financially, we will in no way be RICH but we have NEVER had 2 salaries, we are going to FEEL RICH!!!! As usual, God answered our prayers at the perfect time!

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