Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Catching Up

I'm going to try to post as much as possible before school starts....between Adam starting a new job, both kids and mom going back to school and volleyball season there won't be ANY extra time!

Almost every morning this summer, Baby Boy has woken up first, followed immediately by Ribbit. We all sit in the living room, sipping on milk and watching "The Cat in the Hat". Goober sleeps in a little but from the minute he wakes up he is going. For example this morning all 3 kids took turns being pushed in and pushing the doll strollers around the sectional. Ribbit would yell " Lets burn this candle" as Goober pushed her 50 mph around corners. She would fly out of the stroller and laugh. Baby Boy would chase them with the empty stroller and squeal as high as he possibly could.

Here is a picture from our time in Alabama. This is my grandfather listening to my dad play guitar while Baby Boy helps. My grandpa has dementia so when we picked him up he had no clue who any of us where but by the end of the night he slowly put everything together and was having a good time. 

 This is what started 2 seconds later...whirling dervishes!! Goober started break dancing and the other two joined in!
The next day was Girls Day and the 3 of went to get manis and pedis. This was Ribbits first time and she did great (minus when she touched my moms freshly painted toenails and they had to be redone).
She watched everything they did and asked lots of questions.
Relaxing :)
Look Momma!! I have pretty toenails and fingers! She chose pink and purple..duh.
Later on that day Micah (Chris's girlfriend, WHO WE LOVE) came over and brought the kids birthday presents. Ribbit wasn't too fond of Micah at first, simply because that is HER UNCLE CHRIS but after Micah gave her Princess Candy Land they were best friends!!!

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