Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Panic

We are now in full panic mode....meaning, we have 3 weeks left of summer and need to get TONS done. Thats why this and next week are being spent at the doctor, eye doctor and dentist. Almost everyday has an appointment and/or school shopping assigned to it. We also only have 3 weeks to pack in everything we haven't done yet...waterpark, pottery painting, E's friend birthday party (this Friday), drive in movies, dinner with friends...and for mom re-writing syllabi and finishing up my summer reading.

Baby Boy spent the day with the lady who will be watching him this year and she said he did great. She thinks he is really smart (duh) and cute. He loved playing with other kids and didn't even notice when I left.
Baby Boy has also learned how to tackle Ribbit and he takes her down frequently...this morning alone he has stolen her milk twice and the minute he gets her down, he grabs the sippy cup and hauls butt to get away from her....its quite comical once Ribbit stops crying.

Here are some more pictures from our summer!!!

We spent one day in Pensacola visiting my Aunt Robin and decided to drop by the Naval Aviation Museum while there. I have been here several times in my life but each time is just as neat, the kids loved being able to sit in the planes and touch them.

Here they are with the Blue Angels.

Best looking Pilot I know!
I love Ribbit's face....too much personality :)
This was Goober's favorite one to sit on.
Next stop, Aunt Robins house....she got the kids a big bag of goodies for the beach and their birthdays. Afterwards they had fun playing baseball outside, swinging and eating cupcakes she bought them. Thanks Aunt Robin, we loved visiting you!

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