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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This morning should have been filmed for a reality show...we would be millionaires. We were getting ready to go to the splash pad with our neighbors and I went in the kids bathroom to get the beach towels. As I grabbed them a FLYING COCKROACH flew out at me....I screamed so loud that both of my littles started doing the crazy dance and ran away screaming too. Goober ran straight in and started climbing me as I was climbing the sink. I started laughing so hard that I couldn't compose my self long enough to console the two littles who at this point were hiding and still screaming. I finally got Goober off me (who was laughing just as hard) and we ran out of the bathroom. The suicidal cockroach ran after us, thus the whole situation repeated itself but this time in Goobers bedroom. I told Goober that we needed him to be the man (bwa hahaha, come on I'm 29 begging my 9 year old to be the man :))...I even told him that if he found and killed the bug I would pay him a dollar....which is a lot to him because thats how much he gets for taking out the garbage every week :).
He was a man on a mission after that. He grabbed my tennis shoe, found that sucker and wailed on him....all the while I am cheering him on with my whole being and the two littles are screaming and still doing the tippy toe dance all around. When he killed it I walked off to grab the money and when I returned Ribbit was having her turn on the bug with the tennis shoe, saying how mad she was at that bug.
When it was all over we were all out of breath and very happy to be leaving the house :)

More pictures from our time at the beach.
My brother knew of a secluded beach with a lot of big we left Baby Boy with CC and took the two bigger kiddos for an adventure. This walk was a little longer than a was okay on the way there, on the way back it was torture :)
However, we did see some beautiful the lagoon.
AND then we got you see anyone? NOPE!! Do you see that big ole bird?...he stayed the whole was so nice!!!
Eating some goldfish at lunch...check out that hair :)
Me and my girl!

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