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Monday, July 8, 2013

Vacation Post 2

We have finished the beach leg of our vacation and are now in Huntsville.

We ended up having a huge crowd at our beach house for the 3rd and 4th and packing every square inch, people slept in every bed and every floor space. We went crabbing ...I was the supervisor and had a very important job of shining a flashlight on my feet for protection and making sure my 9 year old didn't get attacked by lagoon snakes. The other crazies in my family caught about 20 crabs plus an assortment of other fish. Therefore our 4th of July dinner consisted of ribs, shrimp Alfredo and spicy crabs.....I also supervised the crab cleaning ....which means I took pictures and got a good education on the difference between a male and female crab.

We had one rainy day...not bad eh....and so we did what 1.5 million other people at the beach decided to do that day...SHOP!...we all had fun though. We finished the night with a wonderful seafood dinner ( our only time to eat out all week) at a cute little hole in the wall restaurant.

Yesterday on the way home we stopped and visited friends from seminary who have since moved to Birmingham. Our kids terrified their child, and so ate and ran :).

Funny things:

Ribbit has been talking about "stunks" a lot recently and I had no clue what that was...until she saw a cartoon skunk on TV and said "look mommy, a stunk!"

My brother took Goober out for a night to celebrate his birthday and they ended up at a go-cart track. Apparently Goober doesn't understand that when you circle for the last time you must go into the pit lane and STAY there.....instead he came in, smiled and gunned it right back put onto the track for another go around :).

Baby Boy wore himself out daily, he wants to be outside ALL the time!...he loves being chased by Goobs remote car, stomping and screaming at bugs, or anything that resembles a bug, singing " the wheels on the bus" ...especially when the driver says "move on back"...he puts his whole body into it and yells "back"!

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