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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Big Man

 We are now on the beach leg of our summer vacation. I haven't had the energy (or the right computer) to post pictures. My children have been waking up super early, like they have no clue what a vacation is.
However we have had a great time, trips to museums, seeing family, swimming, day trips to Auburn and today we celebrated Goobers 9th birthday. I'm not a fan of my children getting older but as long as they stay as sweet as they are I can tolerate it.
Goober got special treatment all day....motorcycle rides with Gramps, picking out presents, drinking Cherry Coke ( caffeine is a no no usually), staying up late watching Despicable Me, walks on the beach with me and my mom and he got to choose what we ate for breakfast and lunch.....he is so my kid, he chose Sams ( yup the buy in bulk place where you can fill up on samples for lunch or pay 1.90 for pizza and a coke).....and pizza for dinner followed by ice cream sandwiches for dessert.....oh and two rounds of swimming...can we say sugar high and sleeping in?

We are having a great time, despite the 5:30( I kid you not) wake up calls and ill post pictures soon.

Happy Birthday big man. The past 3 birthdays with you have been fantastic and I love you so very much. I love how easily you forgive, how eager you are to read, study and know the Bible, how you call mom out on her own rules that she doesn't follow, how honest you are, how you still ask mom to bathe you every now and then but cover your butt with one hand so I can't see it :), how you still say "Hey Man" instead of Amen at the end of every prayer, how you go through shoes in 3 weeks, how you sleep with my old blankie from childhood that my grandma made, how you grab my arm fat and shake it(most of the time), how you slap me when you say a "slug bug", how you won't put down a book until you have finished it, how you use your vast knowledge of rhinos to " up one" people......for example " oh yeah, well I bet you don't know how much a white rhinos head weighs".

You are such a blessing to us. We get so upset when we think of your past but so very excited when we see how God is redeeming you and turning you into a servant and we can't wait to see what you allow Him to do with you.

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