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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This week is VBS and I am really glad I signed up to help with Goober's age. I get a lot of extra time with the two littles....bath time, time when they are in my room while I am getting ready and because of his age Goober can't be in there :), time with them getting them it was the obvious choice. He instantly asked to be in my group...we have 80 2nd graders so there are about 6 smaller groups. He is always moving to sit beside me and answers all the questions we get about me "really" being his mom with a "yes " and an eye roll :)....hehe, I like to think that in his little head he is thinking "geesh, don't they see our resemblance :)". He LOVES competing in the bible quizzes and blows everyone else out of the water, he also loves learning all the new moves to the songs and doing them as big as he can. I have caught him sharing without being asked to, making new friends and in full out worship this week...AWESOME!!!

The two littles are doing well too.....playing hard and napping hard afterwards :).

I'm busy writing curriculum since I am moving up with my bible girls to 8th grade....FINALLY :)....I've always wanted to take a group of girls through both the Old and New Testament and it worked out this year!!! I also am moving classrooms so when we get back from Alabama there will be lots of packing and organizing...but once again I am excited....i like change..well most change :).

Ribbit has started asking me if people are "a post to" be doing things? Like anytime Goober does something that she thinks might get him in trouble she runs to me and says " is brother a post to be throwing de ball in de house?"....hehe, most of the time she is tattling on Goober or Adam. She also has started to brush her teeth somewhat by herself with mommy finishing up...but she swears everytime that she "got the back ones". She also loves to summarize our day and make sure she agrees with after I say " lets go to church " she will say "then what next?"...and she will say it until I finally get to her going night night at the end of the day.

Baby Boy is saying "juice", "nack" for snack, "shaking his head yes and no, "bye bye", "hi", "mommy", "daddy", "be be" for sisters real name, "bubba" for his brother, "ba" for his bottle,"out" while he points out the window, "gog" for dog,  "peas" for please, "ball", "up" and he points down when he wants down from his high chair. He is so stinkin smart and will hand us the things we ask for all the time. He dances with both hands in the hair twisting whenever he hears music and he also bounces his knees when he sees sister jumping. He still loves to be held ALL THE TIME and is starting to have a hard time letting us go at church, I think that has to do with me being home with him and the other 2 all summer.

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