Monday, June 3, 2013

We made it!

We survived!!....not only did we survive camping we had fun....ALL of us!

Our kiddos did great, especially with all the other kiddos around to play with. We had our own little community of tents, a little drive thru for all the kids to ride their scooters in and a perfect view of the river. We were actually quite shocked at how well they did in the tents .... but then again they were dead tired every night and we found Ribbit hanging off her bed twice in the middle in the night sound asleep. Goober felt the need to go pee every 5 minutes and I was about to just cut a small hole in the tent rather than hear that zipper again!!!!Baby boy chased everyone, stole everyone's scooter and food and slept well in his pack and play.

They also did well out on the boat all day Saturday. Goober fished off the front and was the only one to catch something....he also tubed at least 8 times....which is crazy for how long the rides were and how rough our driver got :). He hasn't mentioned anything about being sore but me and Adam are hurting pretty bad from tubing and/or sleeping on the ground 2 nights.

We are definitely planning another trip with our friends and hope to create lots of memories for our little ones.

Couple of funnies
1-As Baby Boy reached over to grab something away from Ribbit she yelled " stop grabbing my muscles!!!".

2-Goober and one of the other dads really hit it off while fishing so he started calling him "Uncle Bobby"..we thought it was so cute!

3-As Ribbit and I were hauling butt to the bathroom at 6:30 this morning thru the woods a bug landed on her forehead. She went crosseyed trying to spot that thing....and then it crawled down onto her mouth. If you know my daughter you know she is just like me and freaks out around bugs. However, once I knocked the bug off her lips she started laughing hysterically and said " that silly bug tried to kiss me".....picture her saying that with CRAZY curly camp hair and try not to laugh :)

4-Goober ate more than I did at every meal this weekend. For example last night after dinner I said I was so full from my 1 bowl of chili and 1 smore and he agreed but then noted he had 2 bowls of chili and 3 Smores.....GEESH!!!!!

As we laid in our tent the first night I couldn't help but thank God for how much he has blessed us. We miss our family so much but he has given us friends our age, with kids the same age as our kids that love to hang out and love the Lord. He has also been blessing us financially lately and Adam is jam-packed with jobs and was just offered another full time job this past Friday...we are praying about it but are so thankful all God is giving us...most of all our 3 kiddos!!!

I took a ton of pictures so I'll break them up in groups.

This happened almost right when we got there.....straight into the water, with clothes holding back!!
No worries, no cares, not even a swimmy diaper on :)....good ole MUD!!!
Look at that face....and that hair..his hair looked good all weekend, the hotter and wetter it was the better his hair curled :)
Look at all these rocks mom.....I think he thought he was going to get in trouble for being so dirty and touching everything!
Good thing those shoes are almost too small for him....they aren't going back on him now :)
The kids took over our site :). At any one time you could hear the girls, there were only two, talking about princesses and then all the boys were looking for bugs and/or playing in the mud while sword fighting :)
Instant friends....since they are a 1 year apart they aren't in the same classes at church and only see each other every other month at our family events....regardless, they were best buds all weekend!!!
One of their many adventures :)
Mom, now that I am dry and clean I want to go back down to the muddy river!!!
This big man didn't have anyone his age to play with but he got lots of extra perks like tons of scooter riding time, a longer time than anyone else on the boat, fishing with "Uncle Bobby", extra rides on Big Bubba, staying up late with the adults and then just b/c I still had some momma guilt he is having a sleep over tonight with his best bud :).

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