Monday, June 10, 2013

Camping Part II

Isn't this summer? Then why have we yet to sit at our house all day on any given day? Ah well, I guess that means we are getting things done :).
We have VBS this week every morning from 8-12 and Thursday we leave for a loooonnng weekend in San Antonio. 

Here are more pictures from our awesome camping trip!!!

Me and Baby Boy on the boat...he went in to a coma anytime he got on the boat..sat really still and would point every now and then...couldn't tell if he was  relaxed or scared ;)
Captain Cutie Pants....couldn't you just eat him up!!!
Hanging out on the big bubba....he tubed all day!
Mommas time with the younguns.
His first catch....soo proud!
Swimming with of her favorite things about camping!
Grill master for the weekend.
Hanging out with Daddy at the camp site.
Going crazy with "Uncle Bobby"...then they flipped!!!
Smores on the last she not the cutest thing!
Someone else loves smores too!
Eating smores with the big boys.....eating 3 of them to b exact :)

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