Monday, June 17, 2013

San Antonio

We skipped out on the last two days of VBS....Thursday because both littles were coughing and had really snotty noses...Goober still went.
Thursday afternoon we left for San Antonio. I had to attend the Fine Arts portion of our schools organization conference and we decided to turn it in to a mini vacation. We took Goober and Ribbit there 2 summers ago and went to Sea World so it was fun to go back and see other things that San Antonio is known for.
We stayed in a really nice hotel ....and enjoyed the heck out of it....cookies and milk brought for the kids every night....swimming in the indoor pool and hot tub. Our kids swam every chance we got and after every swim we sat in the hot tub and watched the bubbles :).
We also went downtown and toured the Alamo, which Goober liked since he saw Davy Crockett's gun and a Bowie knife and canons. Ribbit liked the big fish in the stream that runs through it. It was really neat to see that legendary site, but we never realized how it sits in the heart of downtown San Antonio.
That afternoon we went on a boat tour of the riverwalk of San Antonio. To drive through the streets you would never know there is a water system or so many neat things on the lower level of the city. We saw all kinds of dams, animals, bands and neat historical things while on the tour. We also spotted where we wanted to eat dinner, a nice Mexican restaurant right on the river.....AND BOY DID WE EAT...the portions were huge and the kids loved all the birds around us, me not so much.
On our last day there we went to an indoor/outdoor Mexican market where we ate really good popsicles with coconut chunks, lemons and chocolate in them. We also bought some neat clay bird whistles that when filled with water make bird sounds and we couldn't leave until Goober found 2 boxes of snaps....those things you throw and they pop...sorry to any and everyone who passed by him after that...including cars....he was so tickled every time they would pop.

We also celebrated Fathers Day this weekend. We made Adam a ceramic pizza plate that said " We love you to Pizza's Daddy" on it and had their handprints.
On our way to the splashpad that afternoon we passed a cementary and Goober asked why there were so many people there. When I told him that many people go see their mom or dad if they have died at the cementary on Mother's/Father's Day he replied " yeah i kinda know what its like to lose a mom". Then I asked him what he was thinking about on Mother's Day this year ...did he miss her? did he have good memories of her on those days? He said " i was thinking that she probably doesn't care about me anymore and doesen't even know where I am". I quickly corrected him and reminded him that she had made poor choices but she did care about him and she probably had an awful Mother's Day just wishing she could see him again. He said " yeah but it was my fault that I left the house and thats when the cops said I had to go to another home". I hear these kinds of things from Goober alot....he tends to blame his actions for being taken from his mom. We talked about she was the adult and she could have watched him better and been more responsible...he gave me some other reasons why she couldn't watch him better, all of which sounded like they came from an irresposible teenager but we both agreed that adults are in charge and he had no fault in being taken. I am sure as he gets older that more and more things will trigger questions and ideas from him, just hope he continues to show the maturity he is showing now.

We are packing up for Alabama today and leave tomorrow night. The kids are really excited...I'll be excited when we get there...that 12 hour drive gives me nightmares :).

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