Monday, June 24, 2013


We arrived in Alabama after 12 long hours of driving (thanks Adam), on Thursday morning. The kids did super, sleeping almost the entire way. Since then we have been playing with CC and Papa and Uncle Chris.....swimming....napping...and having birthday parties :).
The kids have played with cousins, wrestled with their uncle, gone to camp with CC and got tons of love. Today at their birthday party they soaked all the adults....well the adults started it...with water balloons and water guns. Almost everyone got soaked and borrowed clothes to go home in....that means you know it was a good party!

Ribbit has been walking around my parents home looking at old pictures and asking " was I with you then?"... She gets real sad when I say no.

Goober has been beating the snot out of Uncle Chris with pillows, toys and his whole body. It's a constant wrestling match and Goober believes that Uncle Chris has got weaker since the last time we visited :).

Baby boy has been real dramatic, throwing himself at everyone to hold him and yelling "peas, peas". He's cute as anything so he has been getting lots of attention:).

We have lots of people to visit, lots of places to go and lots of beach ahead of us :)

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