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Monday, August 13, 2012


The statistics in yesterdays borrowed blog preached a sermon in themselves. Those statistics remind me of how fallen and how needy we are of a Savior. They also show me how much we value life, zip, zero, zilch. We have started to treat children as a burden, a problem, parenting is something we must do...not something we get to do.

With all that said, the people that are willing to foster/adopt kids definitely don't want to be anyone's hero. I never want my children to think of me as someone who saved them, instead I want them to see Jesus as their Savior.

Its emotional to write this as Baby Boy will once again visit his birthmom tomorrow. She has not wanted to see him in the last 3 months so I am not sure why such a sudden visit was asked for and granted. Its tough letting your son go, with CPS to a neighboring city and sit with his birthmom, while you know nothing of what happens at the visit or how he is treated. Its heartwrenching. I tend to not let myself think about it. I know she gave him life but she didn't honor or value that life. We won't tell the other children of this visit since it will be during the school day and due to the chaos that occurred during the last visit.

Please pray with us that she will first of all find Jesus, that he will rock her world and change her heart. Pray that she will allow us to continue parenting Baby Boy without any more hiccups or threats. She isn't stable and I'm afraid of what shenanigans she may have up her sleeve with this visit.

I'm clinging to this song all day should hear sweet Goober sing it along with me.

Oh I'm running to your arms, running to your arms
The riches of your love will always be enough
Nothing compares to your embrace
Light of the world forever reign

My heart will sing No other Name......Jesus, Jesus
My heart will sing No other Name......Jesus, Jesus

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