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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Photo Dump

Yesterday, even though it was a hard day, it ended up being pretty dagum great.
We go to a city (that shall remain nameless) on August 28th to make our permanency plea for Baby Boy. Things are looking up.

We also close on our home tomorrow.....I have mixed feelings on that because we aren't going to make back the money we thought we would....I am a little upset with those who persuaded us to buy the house in the first place and mad at myself for not making sure I understood everything Regardless we will be able to put a little money (tiny is really the word) back into our savings account and not have a mortgage payment every month. Actually I don't have any room to be upset since God answered a 3 year long prayer of ours....oh well, forget what I said.

Here are some pictures from my phone over the past couple of days.....its taking all the energy I have to put this up tonight....volleyball is in full swing, classes are in full swing, 2nd grade homework is in full swing, Adam working some nights is in full swing, our social life is always in full swing :) so my legs are actually throbbing tonight (could be those blasted cute shoes again) or the fact that I walked up and down two flights of stairs about 70 times today.

One of my bestest friends (my bffae :)) came to see us this past weekend and we finally got to meet their sweet little girl. Goober fell in love with her and wanted to hold her immediately. He also played with her on the floor and kissed her. He is turning into such a loving little boy.....I get onto him every day for growing up...I threaten to take away his Wii if he grows one more inch or gets another year older. He always says " mom that will only work if you stop growing up too"......and we all know that ain't going to happen :)

 OHHHHH Mr. Doug has got his hands full. Their daughter is a full 2 months older than Baby Boy but look at how similar in size they are. When Adam picked her up, he couldn't get over how light she felt. He says that Baby Boy is just compact :)
In their swimming suits, ready to go!
 Two great daddies in the pool with their babies.
 Baby boy loooooveess the water. He squeals and splashes non stop. He is even starting to do that in the bath...he just loves water.
 Another mom took this picture of Ribbit's clas on their first day of school....notice she couldn't care less about what is going on around her...she has found the farm animals in the red bin to play with!!!

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