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Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy 6 months Baby Boy

Baby Boy is 6 months old....oh how I prayed that time would speed up when he wasn't sleeping through the night. Now I would give anything for it to slow down. He is just the cutest little chunk and we are so blessed to have him from the get go.
Something that we have started to think about is how our other two are going to feel knowing that Baby Boy was ours from birth (essentially). I always tell Adam that I wish I could have helped Ribbit out sooner....I hate to use the word save because I am not a Savior (far from it) but I do wish I could have kept him from seeing/feeling/witnessing/being involved in sooo many things. I don't know if those feelings will ever cross his mind since he came to us with a lot of loyalty to his birthmom. Its just another thing that we will have deal with as it comes.
I also think alot about their birthmom when days like this come around...birthdays, 1/2 birthdays..anything that moms make a big deal out of it. I wonder if she is thinking about them, grieving for their loss, or if she is in trouble herself and even remembers what day it is. I know how much it hurts, physically hurts my heart when Baby Boy gets a visit with her, I can't imagine what it would be like to not know how your children are spending their special days. I pray that God gives her peace and comfort in knowing that they are being loved on, cared for and prayed over.

It brings tears to my eyes to watch this sweet video above and think about how gracious God has been to my children....and for letting me witness all of it. I am so appreciative of all the hard work that my kiddos teachers do to grow them spiritually. In the big scheme of things I could care less if they make all As, are successful in every sport or are popular. What really matters is that they love the Lord, desire His ways and have an unshakable faith. That is just what is being poured into them every day at school.....and what Adam and I are trying to pour into them at home consistently.

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