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Friday, August 3, 2012

First Time Home Sellers

Thank you so much to everyone who prayed for our TN Home to sell!! We accepted an offer yesterday and hope to close on the 15th. We were so surprised to get that call from our realtor but I'm not sure why since we were asking God to sell this for us and get that financial burden relieved. Isn't it funny how sometimes we are surprised when God answers our prayers...and then sometimes we don't think twice because we are so expectant?
I think our kids were just as excited as we were...what a great thing for them to see God answer their sweet little prayers (and Goober prays for it weekly..he has a checklist that includes Gramps a "new job", Daddy a "full job" and our home in TN to sell.
This week mom also started back to inservice so the two older ones are going to the Cougar Club for teacher's kids and baby boy started going to his new sitter part time. Even though we already knew this, the teachers at Cougar Club can't get over how smart and talkative Ribbit is for not being 3...which she will be this Sunday :).
I swear there are some days where I beg her to give me 5, just 5 seconds of silence. She loves to narrate her life and everyone else's around her....from the time she wakes up to the time she falls asleep. Everytime I go in to check on them at cougar club she says " i not done playing with my friends, we not going home now?". She loves it and so does Goober...i mean what kid wouldn't want to play in the big kid gym and playground all day? They are both falling asleep a full hour earlier than normal and yesterday Ribbit practically begged me to put her to bed early. Baby boy is doing well too, his sitter said he did great today and they are getting used to each other. I love when I go to get him that he recognizes my voice and reaches out for me. He has one big ole tooth on the bottom and is starting to get another one there as well.

Here are some recent pictures and a video.

Watching cartoons with Daddy :)
    He likes mommy's wedding ring.
 and to stick his tongue out.
 Ohhh...what a sweet little face!
 HEY DAD!!!!
 Sticking out our tongues....Adam says mine looks funny :)

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