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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photo Dump

I'm really feeling the effects of volleyball this going to bed at 9 every night feeling. Fortunately, our very sweet friend brought my family dinner last night while I was gone to an away game. Otherwise, in Adam's words " the kids would have starved".
Our house looks like Hurricane Isaac came through here in Texas....but really thats 300 days a year...Im subtracting out the 65 days a year that CPS/Arrow/Lawyers/Transporters are here :).

P.S.-In two days we will be celebrating 1 year of our GOTCHA DAY (court official, not homecoming day when they first came to live with us)!!! Tomorrow we are celebrating with the kiddos classes by having donuts and fruit!!! Then Adam and I have some surprises up our sleeves for this weekend!

Anyways, here are some recent pictures.

This is first thing in the morning...I call him 'blinkey' then because it takes his big ole beautiful eyes so long to adjust. Anyways, he always always crosses his feet when taking his morning bottle :)
 Modeling some new handmade clothes....Red, White and Blue...during the Olympics
 She did mommies hair one day...yup, that is every single bow she owns on my head :)
 3 year old birthday outfit....super sassy. Momma found the brand Haute Socks and did some damage with the checkbook!
 Talking to CC and Papaw....Love my sweet little carmel kids!
 Right after I ate lunch with Ribbit I snapped a picture of her getting in line and listening to her teacher so well!
 Look at my big man starting violin lessons!!!
 Loving some bath time!!

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