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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Still kickin

Life is back in full swing.
Our nights consist of dinner, baths, homework (2nd grade spelling words :)), volleyball games, meet the parent nights, meet the teacher nights, ranger games, church functions and we are about to add in Goober's football games and practices and his violin lessons. Needless to say this is the first night in a very long time that I have been sitting on my couch at 7:54 with all 3 children already sleep and not needing to do 5 piles of laundry, dishes and/or lesson plans.

Goober is doing great in school, hasn't moved his stick yet. His teacher says he is doing very well and just gets a little chatty at times :). He loves second grade, loves his teacher, and loves all the boys in his class. He is on top of his homework and has brought home several high grades. He is also waking up early and getting dressed without any help in hopes that he gets to go to vball practice with mom. He goes about twice a week. He loves to watch the girls practice, shag run away balls and have mom to himself during their stretches so that we can do our own "ballyball" workout.

Ribbit is also doing well. Capturing the heart of everyone. She comes out saying new things all the time. We are so blessed to go to a christian school. Today when I asked her what she learned she said " in de beginning, God created (long pause) Genesis 1:1" clear as could be. I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time!!!!! She also knows " little bo peep" which she sings to Papa on the phone and loves to play "hot tatoes". She is sleeping during nap time and loves her Mrs. Wussell (russell) and all her Freeeannds.

Baby boy is getting so big, sprouting new teeth, had his first baby food this week and is crawling backwards. He has the most cantagious smile and laugh. He loovveess going outside, could sit out there all day if it wasn't so hot. He loves watching his brother and sister play the Wii and he loves taking a bath. He is still sleeping thru the night with a hiccup every now and then. Through several recent events and court hearings we are pretty sure that he will be ours very soon.

My volleyball team is doing well, undefeated so far. I passed my driving portion of the CDL license with a 99, took a point off for my positioning while parallel parking. My co-coaches and co-workers are sweet as pie and I'm almost back in my rhythem....still need a Pepsi around 2:00 to get thru the last part of my day :).

Finally, HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to my Daddy and our Papaw. We love love love you and can't wait to see what God has in store for you here in the next couple of months. Thanks for giving me a love for art that has led me to a very satisfying and God-honoring career. Thanks for loving on Goober with trips to the fishing hole and bike rides on the Harley (you do know that he expects his own Harley this year right?). Thanks for making Ribbit always feel like a princess and letting her paint your fingernails and apply chapstick all over your face :) are "her papaw". Thanks for treating Baby Boy to his first dose of sugar, yogurt, cheese, and all the other things that infants are not supposed to eat :)..oh, and loving on him and teaching him to love Rock early on!!! Thanks for always telling Adam that he would have made your short list if you got to pick my husband :) and always reminding him that he is your family. I LOVE YOU!!!

Here are some pics and videos from Ribbit's birthday and Harvells at home.

At the circus for Ribbit's birthday.,..but Ribbit was too scared of the clowns to take pictures for a while.


                                                                As good as we could get :)

                                                                 Eating sweet potatoes!
Super cute alert for this video. Goober is the best big brother ever...I laugh every time I watch this!
                                                    Eating our first baby food....sweet taters!

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