Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ribbits Birthday

Tomorrow our big girl will be 3 years old. I think Adam says at least once a day that he is worried about how pretty she is getting...I'm worried because she already knows she is pretty :). She is such a smart, bright, charming, loving girl. She clings to you within seconds and doesn't forget about those she loves. She can brighten a room with one big ole smile and I melt everytime  I hear "mommy" come out of her mouth. Right now she is doing and saying some pretty sweet things.

1-Elvis, our cat, likes to leave lizards for us right in front of our door leading into the garage. I say " thank you for the present Elivs" whenever I see a new one. Therefore, everytime Ribbit sees a lizard she now calls it a "present".

2- If she sees a small compact car she gets really excited and says " look at that baby car, I wanna drive it when I get bigger".

3-Her sense of yesterday and tomorrow is off so everything is happening or has happened "tomorr yo".

4- A conversation she recently had with herself in the car "I''mmmm falllliinnnng, what? you not falling....OOHHHHH, I not falling, Mommy I want a snack" ....all of that happened within 5 seconds.

5- She still runs to show Daddy how pretty she is every morning after getting dressed.

6-She has to have lotion on her face and deodorant on every day, just like mommy.

There are many many more..too many every day to remember. We love you big girl!!!

Here are some pictures from my phone over the last two weeks.

Eating ice cream at mommy's school.

 Ice cream coma...sweet thang.
 Ready for school....I gotta teach my mom how to do my hair :)
 Passed out on Daddy...he takes his best naps clinging to us!
 I have never met a better bigger brother.....he loves Baby Boy sooo much!!!
 I think he may be bigger than Ribbit pretty soon!!
 Showing off our Olympic pride in our new clothes!!!
 Hey Mommy!!!!
 Ready to start school in his new glasses......he loves them, won't take them off......hope that sticks!!!

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